Cringely’s iOS Secret

Robert X Cringely wrote his best piece in a long while, called “The Secret of iOS 7“. I think he’s mostly right, but I have more to say about it:

a) what he said rings true;

b) he lost me with that “new hardware for road warriors that’s not an iPhone/iPad/appletv” bit;

c) iOS 7′s adjustable size text would be great for scaling iOS apps to desktop monitors;

d) only thing going against it is that apple truly believes software should be build around input mechanism, and iOS is for fingers, not mouse+keyboard.

e) that could be solved by adding an optional 3rd level to “universal apps”: 1) iPhone res + touch, 2) iPad res + touch, 3) desktop res + mouse/kbd/trackpad;

f) either way this would require 128GB iPhones or much beefier icloud (at minimum store all of a user’s photos, not just the last 1000)

g) not good enough for pros (yet?), but consumers outnumber pros 100:1, and pros will still have mac pros & MacBooks

h) the real “appletv” is the current appletv, BUT a display with a built-in airplay receiver will also be coming. you’ll be able to compute on it OR play/watch on it

i) means your computer already has industry leading security (touch ID & activation lock)

Exciting times!

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One Response to Cringely’s iOS Secret

  1. Derek says:

    My boss said: “the “road warrior” thing is basically a laptop case with no CPU. You’d plug your phone in to do that.”

    I think he’s right, but i don’t see how that’s ‘better’ than an iPad with wireless keyboard & mouse. Apple’s ruthless with keeping the number of products they produce to a minimum. Those 2 use cases seem to have too much overlap. Of course, Apple’s also known for elegant solutions, and carrying 1 thing is more elegant than carrying 1 thing plus 2 wireless peripherals. But, time will tell.

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