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New Design!

Awesome awesome awesome. Tooled around a little bit, checked out this ‘n’ that. Very slick, Derek.

I get a little glitch now and then where the text in the main white boxes doesn’t all appear on page load… I have to click-drag highlight the block to reveal what’s missing. Then I can click to get rid of the highlight and the text looks normal. Maybe part of that XP redraw bug? I dunno.

The missing text isn’t always whole lines… it seems random and sometimes creeps halfway up a line of text and so on. If you want screenshots lemme know.

The whole thing is gravy, though.

-Steve at 2003-08-20 19:16:22

Gearboy said: Have you thought about plotting your Karma scores on a time graph so we can see your ‘ups and downs’? It’s all databased, so should be relatively straightforward, right?

-Steve at 2003-08-20 19:25:08

derek said: 1) I have noticed that text glitch too. No idea what it is! :( 2) I have thought of plotting the karma - problem is that I’m too lazy with it, so it might not be accurate. Plus, I think it would pretty much look like a heart monitor :) at 2003-08-20 19:40:40

Beige said: So don’t be lazy! Realtime karma. at 2003-08-20 20:19:58

derek said: Turns out that text glitch is an actual, bonafide IE6 text rendering issue that can result from a) not defining a div tag width; b) positioning something absolutely instead of relatively; c) eating breakfast with skim milk instead of 2%; d) almost any tiny impropriety having to do with CSS, floating, and positioning; at 2003-08-20 20:57:13