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Take care, we (and our dentists;)) r happy to have u here, (and that we can read your on-line diary ;)

Sandra, from “cool” ZaMirNET at 2003-09-18 16:27:18

Kathy Ehman said: Hi Derek, I’m a friend of Arlene Vandenhoven’s and while we have lost touch with each other, she often crosses my thoughts as a pleasant breeze. We go way back, to Sarnia and Petrolia, then on to PEI and BC. I don’t have a current address for her and so I am passing my greetings and best wishes on to her via you. Hope neither of you minds. Best of the best on your Croatian experience. Reading your words, I am given renewed respect for the many, many people in your generation who are definitely nudging the planet’s people towards maturity and responsibility. Thank you for this and also for providing me with a look at my forever friend, Arlene. Kathy Ehman at 2003-09-18 19:54:38