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Gallery Time!

The people in my office are super-left, and super-nice :) we get along well. I’d say 1/2 of the people here have had dealings with the law. The guy who sits beside me got one of those notices from the RIAA. Our server admin got a cease & desist letter from the MPAA. I didn’t tell them about me & the media… Another guy had an “interview” with the local authorities last year when the pope visited. They warned him that they’d be watching him when the pope was around, so he shouldn’t try anything??? Darko took me to the crazy underground anarchist club “Attack”, in an abandoned warehouse. And my boss is ultra-left, ultra-techie, and very nice to me :) wheeeeeeeeee yes, you could say i’m loving it :) this is everything that i think ‘work’ should be, and then some :)

If you want to talk with me using your voice, email me and we can arrange a time for a Skype call. It’s easy to use, good quality, and free. A girl in my office (Sandra) is a total pimp. I thought she had something stuck in her teeth for a few days, then I noticed that IT IS A DIAMOND!!! Bling bling! The streetcars here are more comfortable than in Toronto. Something about the shape of the seats. “… lost… in the middle of the wilderness… he thought to himself ‘I am sooo lucky to have this lighter with me. If I flick it inside my pockets every few minutes, it should keep my hands from freezing, at least long enough for me to find some shelter, or source of heat.” aaaand, just in case you missed the above part about the Galleries, here is a link directly to them.

Comments from my old blog:

Maya said: Derek! Yippee! Glad you are loving it. I am trying to imagine everything you are saying…I’m sure my thoughts are distorted into some surreal picture of the place and its people. That girl with the dimond tooth… ya she looks pretty funky in my head. Hugs, Maya at 2003-10-21 21:43:37