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Tesla Treats

Looking at what you posted in your entry all I noticed was that you had “localhost” in your path. I just have “domain/directory/file.css” whether I’m calling the file from a shtml or php page.

I’m by no means a css wizard you might want to go to and subscribe to the list. And Google for “css wiki.”

Good old Tesla. When I had a kid I had a nutty scheme to build giant Tesla coils and bring the world to its knees. But I was very young. at 2003-11-24 22:04:44

(Will)[] said: The reason Tesla never got funding for wireless power is that there’s no way to meter it, and thus no way to accurately charge people for its use. Electricity could easily be transimitted for thousands of kilometres using the sky and the earth (essentially), but who would foot the bill if there’s no return? at 2003-11-25 00:11:22

derek said: WILLY! Good to see/hear/read from you! Dude - what are you UP to? I like that you have :) Want to visit Croatia? ;) My understanding was that Tesla’s Wireless Power both came from, and was transmitted through the atmosphere/earth. So - it was free energy. The only $ required is to build the Wireless Transmitter — a worthy investment for any government (municipal/provincial/federal). at 2003-11-25 10:03:45

jen said: Uh, d. Sorry to blow your Geek cover, but you are a full-blown hippy & activist. You just dont always choose to show these sides. I dont think you need anyone else to help you bring it out but i cant say that i am not pleased that Darko is anyway :) Nikola Tesla—-my goddess, an incredible man. Where was he from? My favourite part is that he was soo in tune with every cell..Teach me, teach me. That is awesome. Cheerio from London. at 2003-11-28 23:38:36