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Cosplay, Conspiracy & TLC

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In fact, it seems so good that I’m sure it must be out there somewhere. Do you think it is? Have you seen such a beast?

Comments from my old blog:

(James Trott (UK))[] said: Wheres the dilemma derek? Orangebox is your baby, your project, why just stop working on it? If you do, you’ll only find something else to work on :) Why not setup a sourceforge project for it, get it running, and get a bit more of a community around it, i for one would love to dedicate some of my own time to orangebox. at 2003-11-28 12:29:44

derek said: If you’ve never delved into the wonders of php’s ability to send different headers this page is worth a read. Very cool. Especially if you’re developing a custom 404 page, or if you want a link someone clicks to download a document instead of following a link, or if you want a php script to pretent it’s a .jpg — it’s magical, I say! at 2003-11-28 12:32:13

derek said: James - heh - I set it up at sourceforge about a year ago ;) Also its ugly outdated homepage is at :) at 2003-11-28 12:33:30

(James Trott (UK))[] said: Well let me have a think, i might have a bit of an idea with regards to it all… gimme the weekend, ill email you on monday, i think we should try to raise the profile a bit… after all, knowledge belongs to the world! at 2003-11-28 12:35:48

mom said: Its not like you to run from a challange, so just take it to the next level, (orangebox). think of it as the next cool experiment. love mom at 2003-11-28 13:23:48

(beige)[] said: Re: Cosplay. When it’s not Comic Book Guy dressing up, I don’t see any harm in it. The Japanese have a minor industry going on in video game girl knockoff fuckfilms. at 2003-11-28 14:22:41