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Lernin’ Weekend

If you can’t see the graph, let me know and I’ll change it back from .png to .jpg format. Graphing data is fun. I didn’t want to clutter the legend, so Great is Karma >5, Good is 0 to 5, Okay is -5 to 0, and Bad is less than -5. I have great plans. I wish I knew how to do this in 4th year university, instead of using Statistica. I also looked back into the open-source effort to do Flash Remoting with PHP (it’s only designed to work with asp & coldfusion). Well, turns out AMFPHP hasn’t been updated since the last time I looked — in July. I thought “there’s got to be a Reason… What is the reason?” — another site had sprung up, with an easier way to make it all work. Easier if you know how to use object-oriented php, which I do. So, Ghostwire is my new friend. I’m looking into this because currently when you search my site, you get a bunch of incorrect search results, even though I’m using the Google API to do my searches. Why is this? Becasue of the random content in those boxes at the bottom of the screen. Google indexes that content, BUT since it’s random on every page, when you follow my search link, that content is no longer there — it’s some other random content. Hence, it appears that ‘my search’ is broken, when really it’s Google indexing my random content — and there’s no way to prevent that — EXCEPT to make the random content un-indexable. How? I’m either going to pull it into flash, or write it using javascript. It’s unclear to me yet whether or not Google will index document.write statements from javascript, so I’m leaning towards flash for the random content. I also saw a *crappy* tutorial on making your own Custom 404 Page in php, over at I already have a much better Custom 404 page working, and it even does intelligent re-routing. What does this mean? I’m going to write a tutorial for phpfreaks and send it in. Or maybe I’ll send it to DevShed, which is my favourite code-oriented site. Their tutorials all have a “print pdf” option, which means you don’t have to go through them page by page. You can right click the print pdf link and “Save As”. Great stuff! I also wrote a single-file image gallery, which I’m going to release as open-source code for people who don’t know anything about php. You put the file in a directory, and you tell it what directory the images are in. It does the rest (creating thumbnails etc). You can edit the stylesheet if you want, and it’ll alter the appearance completely. I also re-wrote my file upload code, and it’s much cleaner now. I guess I’ll post that on here too, soon. I’ve been working on Version 5 — which will look much like this site, but have better navigation and ‘mini sites’ with their own navigation. One of those mini-sites will be my free code, and links to great tutorials. idea: if ORME (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements) is a cheap superconductor to create, can I create ORME wire, to use in creating better/the best electromagnets? Might it help a lifter lift? Finally, my friend Sacha is in Hong Kong, and it sounds/looks *crazy*. He sent me some .jpgs :) I think I’ll ask him to post some updates on his TIG Updates page ;)

Comments from my old blog:

derek said: Ben Skinner just sent me this crazy link. The guy makes a different t-shirt every day, and wears it only for that day, then archives it. He has been doing this since Nov. 2001 !!! How much does he spent on t-shirts! ALL of the shirts are online, so you can see/read them. He also has an email list, so you can be emailed what today’s shirt says. at 2003-12-01 13:55:14