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Energy, Not Tesla-Related

Vanilla coke i doubt is the problem as at one point i’d drink a six pack of Dr. Pepper a day, and still no probs. sleeping, at least not with any pattern that would indicate the Dr. was to blame!

Listenings good, i find that its also a very attractive feature to women, they seem to really dig guys that listen! Its how i landed the wonderful Annemarie!

Drop me an email this afternoon! at 2003-12-02 12:26:07

mom said: its true the more ideas the more energy. i have been the same lately, i work 12-15 hour days, but when that cash register rings i get all kinds of ideas on how to put it to good use. then i do it, its amazing! i am not half as tired when i am busy and doing tons of things, as long as i balance it with fun. I am. PS knock off some of the carbs and balance with protein, and check your blood pressure, always a mom, love ya at 2003-12-03 02:50:41