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Hoarding, Tapestries, & Alien Horses

I read the 21 page article/pdf about interviewing with intelligence agencies, and it’s pretty much what I’d expected. Polygraphs, the 5 Factor Personality Questionnaire, and various other tests designed to make sure you didn’t lie on any of the other tests. Standard psychological stuff. Did I mention that I’ve already written a 30 page, every-line, small font outline of my entire life up to this point? Thirty pages seems kind of short, when you consider that I’m summing up my entire life in them, but really it’s 30 pages of bullet points; any one of which could be expanded into a full page. So it’s more like an outline for a 300 page book, which seems more appropriate. at 2003-12-08 15:51:06

mom said: I think that obsessive compulsive can be a disorder,and it can also come from unresolved feelings. i also think that society is calling way too many things disorders, however the behaviour can be controlled if one is willing to control it. Just my thought on the subject. i would love to read the 30 pages on your life, where is it,m and why stop there, write a book! hugs, mom at 2003-12-08 18:57:07

derek said: i didn’t say it was 30 pages of great reading, i just said it was 30 pages ;) at 2003-12-09 10:54:07