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People perceive them as cool because ultimately we would all like to have some power…but for most ,moral and ethical boundaries exist which preclude us from ever having said power …thank goodness.

There’s a big difference between having your say…very cool…and beating someone into submission to get your own way.Rules are made to keep the 10% who would break them from running rough shod over the 90% who adhere to the rules….however when the 10% have all the power it means nothing to them because ultimately ,for them,rules are there to be broken…and damn it…money talks….so….cool=power=corruption=money and since i don’t really have any power over anything but myself,am not corrupt,don’t have any real money to speak of …i guess i aint too cool.But yet i like myself the way i am,follow the rules and sleep like a baby.i am sufficient as i am. at 2003-12-19 04:01:09

dad said: hmmm…where did the g in gan’g’ster go? at 2003-12-19 04:04:17

derek said: Dad said “People perceive them as cool because ultimately we would all like to have some power… There’s a big difference between having your say and beating someone into submission to get your own way”.

I certainly agree with those statements. I guess what I could have said is that “ganGsters on the silverscreen are cool because…”, thus making the distinction between real gangsters and movie gangsters. The former really killing people, and the latter not, though Jen would argue that merely introducing the notion of ‘killing’ into the public consciousness is evil enough.

So, my revised list… What Derek Martin Thinks is Cool: 1) Standing up for yourself (aka They don’t take no shit) 2) Saying what you mean and meaning what you say 3) Respecting your friends 4) Being on time 5) Being well dressed (okay, I don’t practise this, but I probably would if I could afford a lot of suits etc) 6) Moving on when bad stuff happens 7) Having power, but using it for good (not evil) 8) Not making fun of people (compassion/empathy) 9) Party hard when not working hard. 10) Live by a sort of Code of Honour 11) Think. 12) Truth. at 2003-12-19 10:16:43

dad said: yes indeedy….that’s cool….in my book….but that’s because we are of the same ilk and you project to the recipient that which you are.If the recipient has the same values in life then those values are perceived as….”cool”….because after all…..validating your own integrity is what it’s all about……and why we choose the friends who relect same. at 2003-12-21 13:19:23

Alex said: Derek,

You have the coolest parents I think in the world. How do yuo get them to put comments on your blog. Way to go ‘mom’ I agree with your observations. But you don’t have to be a gangster to do what Derek “Thinks is Cool”… at 2003-12-23 22:27:49