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Mac Attack

As for macs, you can play games on mac, most RTS games come on mac, and RPG’s and you can get Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, and with the advent of OSX being FreeBSD based, any games that theirs a linux/BSD port for, you can run on a mac.

Just keeping comment numbers up…. - James at 2004-01-13 13:02:16

derek said: dude - the whole point of mp3s for me is that i can always have access to all of my music instantly, without changing a cd, or whatever. So, lets ‘pretend’ that I have just over 100 Gigabytes of MP3s, and that I love each and every one of them as if it were my first born.

Would it be fair to my 96 Gigabytes of children if I were to take only 4 Gigabytes of my children on fieldtrips and outings? Don’t you think they’d be jealous and resentful, and eventually use that anger to crash my computer?

I would like a Terabyte MP3 player with wireless headphones, and as soon as they’re available I’m there. If I can get an implant, so much the better — as long as it doesn’t have any DRM ;)

Re: your Mac comment. I don’t think so. I can guarantee that HalfLife2 and Doom3 will take at least an extra 12 months to make it to the Mac, IF they make it. Recently my friend Scott got a “new wicked cool” game for Mac that I’d finished over a year before! Boooooooooo. Hardly encouraging for a guy like me who is bored with something after it’s been out for a week. I need cutting edge! It’s my lifeblood! and my Gigabytes of Children’s lifeblood! And their children’s! at 2004-01-13 13:55:27

beige said: Lasermonks. Real monks, rock bottom prices on printer cartriges and ink. Why is this so cool? at 2004-01-13 14:48:50

mom said: You will have to just trust me on this one hon,I know you are a techno geek, but as great as music and computers are, they pale in comparison to kids!!Especially mine i might add. They aren’t even on the same page. Miss you, love Mom at 2004-01-13 18:19:50

mom said: just wanted to check that you are getting your emails, haven’t had a reply for awhile, and want to check that you are just busy not sick or something. hey, its a mom thing. love ya at 2004-01-14 11:23:52

dad said: re gigabyte children……..reminds me of when i was young…two sisters and moi,around the same age, were miffed cause younger bro (6 years younger) got more expensive trips and we questioned this fact of our parents………answer……we gave,relative to what we had at the time….oh, now we understand..we said.So our perception of him being spoilt was nothing more than being unaware and unappreciative of the fact that financial conditions change and that it’s not always possible to equate perceived fairness ( through the mind of a child) with the amount given.We all got trips,were all loved and nurtured equally but finances changed allowing the youngest to have more expensive trips.

So,your gigabyte children have to accept that a small mp3 player will not necessarily accomodate them all unless finances allow and since the older children have had a longer time with the player on cheaper field trips they may be bumped to accomodate the youngest children for future field trips and regardless of the expense, a trip is a trip…we see that …now.Funny what you remember!!!! DaD at 2004-01-14 17:07:30

mom said: sorry to bug you but i think you are not getting my email again, i sent one and asked that you reply to see if they were getting there, just wanted you to check it out, hugs mom at 2004-01-14 22:38:01