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No to All

Where’s the “No to All” option? It’d be great to have if you wanted to save time, or if you wanted to keep original versions of the files. In Windows XP, you don’t have to click “No” for each duplicate file. Hold down Shift while you click “No,” and that will act as if you had clicked a “No to All” option. It’s a simple but cool little Windows XP secret. This does not work in Windows 98 or earlier. And because I didn’t have an amusing original thought last night, I’ll post someone else’s. Thanks to Andre Molnar for writing down these excerpts from an online video of Regoczei’s speaking at a conference: - “b’logs [sic] are an oral artform propagated through writing” - “b’logs [sic] are the un-edited personal statements released to the world” - “Saving the world is easy. Selling to the world is difficult.” - “… the only business model for future - IMPORTANT - partnerships - we don’t sell to you - we partner with you - we are in the same business - if you don’t get paid we don’t get paid - and this totally removes the conflict of interest situation” - “I’ll tell you why the world needs to be saved - we have all been (inaudible - perhaps tranquilized) and our personal voice was not allowed to be heard. And when I look at b’logs I say to myself - that’s what the web was all about” - “books are never finished they are abandoned - they are abandoned when things get interesting - when things get ‘difficult’” - “designers practice the designer’s should. They say things like ‘this is how it should be,’ ‘that is how it should be’ - ‘this is crappy technology - we are not going to learn it - we reserve the right to build something better’ - This is what designers do” - “Miracles happen over night - just by people changing their minds… … there is no need to be a long voice crying in the wilderness” - “E-mail is the incorrect spelling. Even the New York Times has it wrong. email is from unix, and commands are never capitalized in unix.”

Also, thanks to Igor for getting the Linux server to love my accounting application.