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Cancer, Chomsky, & VOIP

From the stats they provided on the site, on Feb 11th, 202,185 people clicked on that button! Isn’t that great?! And that massive groundswell of support provided a whole 5.1 mammograms.

I hate to point it out, but that is 40,000 clicks/mammogram. That means if I make it part of my daily routine to click that button religiously every day, that over the course of the next one hundred years (if I could live that long) I will have funded one single measly mammogram. In exchange, my brain will be soggy from all the advertising on that site I will have self-exposed myself to over all that time, and I will have unexplicable urges to buy Cocacola products and Gap shirts.

If you really want to help an underpriviliged woman have a mammogram as one of your life goals, it might make more sense to just cut a cheque for a couple of hundred bucks or whatever it costs. You can make far more than that much money with the hours you’ll save (three 40-hour work weeks, I estimate) from not clicking that silly (if well-intentioned) button.

Sadly, there is never a free lunch. at 2004-03-03 20:21:27

derek’s mom said: What you say is true, but not all can afford to write the cheque, and they may be able to take the time to click the button. But……………..if you did, (send the cheque, that is) it provided the free lunch, so to speak. Think how many times we could have clicked while we were writing why we should, or shouldn’t. at 2004-03-04 03:10:17