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Bloglines, Lessig, & Greenpeace

“I just got the book this weekend and read it from front to back in a feverish 4 am session. Boyd somehow combines the ideas of Nietzsche, Buddha, Camus, Gandhi and Lenny Bruce into a paradoxically coherent worldview that sums up everything I feel and think about politics, sex, drugs, love and hope. “Daily Afflictions” is often angry, morbid, and bleak - and it is the most inspirational thing I have read in years. The book is the perfect holiday gift for the conflicted, hyper-sensitive worldchanger on your list.”

I need some downtime. I think from April 8th (I finish work on the 7th) till the 20th, I’ll just relax and drink coffee. Maybe work on my personal website, or finally get ActivistHosting off the ground. No real work, though. That’ll be good. Then head down to Dubrovnik on the 20th, and across to Athens for the 23rd to meet up with Erin. That will rock. After the whole trip, I’ll be in Zagreb on the 10th to catch a flight on the 11th to chill in Toronto on the 12th to see a Cardigans concert on the 13th to go to Petrolia on the 14th to do a yardsale on the 15th and 16th to go back to Toronto on the 17th and find work before my money is gone on the 25th. Ahhhhhh. That’s a solid month of craziness! Idea for online petitions: require the signors to answer 3 questions about the issue at hand before being allowed to sign. If they get them all right, they can sign. Adds some validity/power to each signature. Of course, include enough background information about the issue to enable them to answer the questions. This will help create informed activists. 2 days ago Noam Chomsky started his own weblog. Check it out: Chomsky’s BlogThe pic on this page pretty much sums up the life of a freelance web developer in this day and age. I made a similar pic a few years ago, except my hair was messier, and I was barefoot :) “Imagine a school with children that can read and write, but with teachers who cannot, and you have a metaphor of the Information Age in which we live.” -Peter Cochrane Tech Underground is a network of San Francisco area nonprofit techies. They have issued a call to form a federation of tech worker coops, which I think is a smashing idea. If you’re out there doing nonprofit technology work, whether on your own or in small teams, you owe it to yourself and the field to take a look at this. Read about the Techie Union. Holy Shmoly talks about using Smarty in an MVC architectureSome high-level stuff about How to Make a Faceted Classification and Put It On the Web. Neat, though. You can use phpGiggle to auto-link pre-defined words to pre-defined urls/documents. Pretty cool!

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mom said: i hear that sympatico is hiring tech support in toronto/oshawa area, love ya, mom at 2004-03-31 04:17:39