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Gmail Is REAL! and Goodbye ZaMirNET :(

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Ever think about naming your kid in |_337 5p34|.Some people have thought about it. Here are a few of the gems: I’m considering naming my first-born child either Br4d or J4n37 I think I’ll name my daughter Riaa (Ree ah’) I have a friend named “Pascal” and his brother is named “Cobol”. I named my dog Haskell, he is a pretty 1337 |)06 I’m naming my first born “omg new baby ^_^” And here’s my own personal addition: I’ll name my baby “n00b Martin”, which will be funny when the kid is older. Bonus: n00b isn’t gender-specific :) If if Gmail is a hoax, it could be clever attempt at gaging demand for such a service — it DID make it to the front page of most web news sites. Okay, as of today there’s now a login & password form on the Gmail site. Are they just fucking with us now? According to PC Pro and a slew of other sites, Gmail is REAL and is NOT A HOAX! Google’s CEO said that their April fool’s joke was the advertisement of jobs on a lunar outpost. “It is April Fool’s Day. We were having fun with that announcement, but we are very serious about Gmail.” More on google’s Gmail:I don’t believe it’s coincidence that yesterday Yahoo! upped its free inbox size from 4MB to 25MB. They’re shaking in their boots. 4MB is the only compelling reason to use Yahoo over Hotmail. The only reason to use hotmail was that it is easy. I’m sure Google can make a simpler product, with more storage. Goodbye Yahoo! Hotmail’s History. Go Go Google! The new Google email service sounds like a free lunch for consumers — but there is a catch. Google plans to make money from the service by inserting ads into messages based in part on their content, effectively extending its AdSense programme for presenting contextual ads in Web pages to email. I was reading about the impending movie studios’ switch to digital prints in place of the traditional film. I don’t get this quote:> “Some digital cinema backers hope the technology helps curb piracy of first-run movies. Levin said 70 percent of known piracy stems from copies made using camcorders in theaters, and 70 percent of those copies have been traced to theaters in a six block area of Manhattan.”

Maybe I’m missing some crucial bit of info, how does projecting a digital film (as opposed to film film) prevent people from copying it using a camcorder? If anything, I think it’ll provide the opportunity for people to hook their DV-cam directly up to the projector and get a perfect digital copy. PLUS - there’s always the possibility of hijacking the satellite signal and getting a full & perfect copy of the original cinematic digital print! Exciting! Don’t think it can be done? Well, I beg to differ. I know a guy who hacked a satellite and has a TSR running on it at this very moment. I can’t tell you his name, though, ‘cause if I did, I might not wake up tomorrow. It could be that using ‘digital prints’ will negate the need for projectionists, in which case there would be no more *super-sweet* projection room ‘screeners’, but they didn’t mention projectionists. Either way, it could have been a little more specific. More warez for you, kind of. This site provides copies of tv shows! TVTorrents! Newsmap is damn cool. It looks at GoogleNews, then ‘draws’ the news, making the most-reported-on stories bigger, and less-reported-on-stories smaller. Lets you visually inspect “what’s new”. Have a kid? Never heard of a Waldorf Education? Check it out! Philosophy of a Waldorf Education.Goals of a Waldorf Education.PHP Code Beautifier - converts php scripts to pear compliant Complete Regex Editor for PHP!

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