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I totally hear you about the metric thing… but even better, try talking to somebody who wants to know your weight in STONE… The Irish girl I’m dating had NO idea what 160 lbs translated to, and she was like “What is 160/14?” To which I replied “What the hell conversion are you trying to do???” :) But thanks to Google Calculator (the coolest thing ever), I know that 160 pounds = 11.4285714 stone. :) at 2004-04-07 16:02:28

derek said: I read something a while ago about the actual weight of “1 Stone” fluctuating, because the definition of what “1 Stone” is is actually a percentage of the Queen’s weight. So, new Queen means new value for Stone. Couldn’t find supporting documentation on Google, though, so maybe it was just a bad dream ;) at 2004-04-07 16:08:53

(andre)[] said: You shitting me - Tell me you might still be in Europe on May 17th or 18th before flying back. My flight into Budapest is on the 17th.

If you wanna stick around for an extra day or two - I’ve got a condo in Pest where you can crash.

andre at 2004-04-08 11:35:13

(andre)[] said: James Trott - thought I would let you know that version 2.0 isn’t working at the moment -

Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01a8’

Object required: ‘objRootNode’

/main.asp, line 9 at 2004-04-08 12:23:01

(James Trott (UK))[] said: I broke it… it wont work till v2.00 now, i did it on purpose, personal reasons! at 2004-04-11 15:35:36