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Saving Grace

Futureshop/staples/bestbuy in-house warranties against dead pixels!! SO BUY THEIR IN-HOUSE WARRANTY! For a brief moment I contemplated getting two cheaper 17 inch LCDs instead of a single 19 because the 17s tend to have faster response times… but I think that’d be a bit too crazy. If I can find the Samsungn 193p for a decent price, I’ll get it. Otherwise the BenQ FP951. Of course, I did have a dream last night where I said “screw LCDs altogether” and I bought an Epson Digital Projector instead (same price as a 19 inch LCD monitor now!!). Thing is - I can’t really picture myself programming on a 300 inch screen, you know?? $1199 - Epson PowerLite S1, 800x600, 500:1, 1400 lumens, remote, 2 year, 33DB, 4:3/16:9, 30-300” image Good 19” LCDs: $1099 - Samsung 193P 19, silver, 800:1,250cd,20ms**,1280x1024, 3year, analog/digital $849 - BenQ FPT951 19, black, 700:1, 250cd,25ms,1280x1024, 3year, analog/digital $697 - Samsung 193s, black, 700:1, 250, 25ms, 1280x1024,3year, analog $859 - Samsung 192N 19, silver, 500/700:1,250cd,25ms,1280x1024,3year, analog Good 17” LCDs: $799 - Samsung 172X 17, 500:1, 250cd, 12ms, flawless for gaming, analog/digital $575 - BenQ FP767-12 17” LCD, 12ms (Black or Silver), analog*** $629 - BenQ FP767-16, 500:1, 300cd, 16ms, adrenalinevault says ok for gaming, analog $597 - Viewsonic VE700 17, 450:1, 260cd, 16ms (typ), analog *** $499 - NEC LCD1715-R 17 REFURB, 400:1, 250cd, 16ms (futureshop), analog $579 - Samsung 172N, 450:1, 250cd, 25ms, analog $659 - NEC LCD1715-R 17, 400:1, 250cd, 16ms (futureshop), analog Crappy but Cheap 15 ” LCD: $499 - Samsung 152N, 350:1, 250cd, 25ms, analog

Comments from my old blog:

dad said: How about…..just fixing your old monitor…and waiting til you’re flush with moolah before buying from your wish list.Ummm,but that’s me lol. at 2004-05-30 13:34:17

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: I agree with dad! Unless fixing the old monitor turns out to be financially prohibitive. Especially since Future Shop charges 28(ish) percent interest!! Unless you get it paid off in that first year, of course. at 2004-05-31 13:47:08

derek said: I wouldn’t even know where to go to fix the monitor. There’s nowhere within walking distance of my place, and I don’t have a car, and the monitor weighs about 70lbs. Plus, it is an old monitor. It’d been on its last legs before I left. Sometimes the green would turn off and it’d be all purple. Sometimes the blue would turn off and I’d have a bloody display. Now it doesn’t turn on at all. That leads me to believe that somehow the CRT is screwed. A new 19inch CRT of this quality is in the neighbourhood of $400. Now, lets pretend you were buying something and you could choose between something that “would do” for $X or something that would be perfect for $Y. I’m inclined to believe you would save up a little extra and go for $Y, because as you always say, Dad, “There’s no point in doing something unless you’re going to do it right.” — Right? at 2004-05-31 16:50:05

Dinko said: I would buy two 17”, and you know why. Could you please return me email, I sent you 5 emails, different addresses, no reply from you. at 2004-05-31 18:37:36

dad said: i was more referring to taking pride in anything that you do and not doing a half assed job on anything.The tools you use to do the job relate to income and whereas i would have liked the rolls royce of anything ,practicality destined it to be between a rolls and a volkswagen and often as not something second hand or that was thrown away which i could fix and use.Doing your best with what you have is different from having the best. at 2004-06-01 15:20:20