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Moot Point & Web Standards

The modern twist that we face is that browsers are nearly commoditized already. They’re free, and there’s little money in them?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùcertainly not the megabucks of the early relational era. In fact, lots of web technology is free. Apache is free; HTTP is free; PHP, JavaScript, and Perl are all free. The web therefore represents a no-value zone for tools vendors such as Microsoft. If standards are broadly applied to that zone, Microsoft is effectively prevented from extracting any monetary value.

A Question: Could Microsoft be sued for producing IE, which is effectively a technology that encourages what amounts to the destruction/defacing of public utilities (the web). Prediction: Longhorn’s release date will be Linux’ best opportunity at gaining much ground. So many people (especially developers) will be SO incensed at what Microsoft’s fixin’ to do that they will line up for an alternative.

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