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Monitor Mania!

I was surprised when I received one of the final answers from the known physicist who alerted me that the energetic raster that I’m describing on my website in the graph no. 6 looks similarly to the ether that was reprobated by Einstein. I had never thought like that because Albert Einstein laid ether definitively down from physics. The hypothesis that brings back the thought about the existence of ether, is indirectly confirmed also by the very difficult to explain fact that the radio transmission on the Earth is worse during the in-line position of two or more planets in our solar system, including our planet - the Earth.

We can easily imagine how great the decrease of intersections of spherical rasters of planetary zones and interzones is during this “planetary eclipsed” situation when the planets are located on one line. We can also imagine the decrease of these virtual paths for the radiosignal on the earth. If we totally accept Einstein’s hypothesis that is describing the magnetic fields, we can’t explain this “radio effect” in full detail. These and many other facts bring up a thought if Einstein could have somehow been wrong with saying that ether doesn’t exist and if there could be something we can’t register in space, which doesn’t interact with gravity and what we can’t sense. Because of that we rather say it doesn’t exist. But we really have some indices that suppoert the existence of “it”.

There are similar thoughts found by the learning of the antic scholars, some of which haven’t been explained yet. 2500 years ago there was a greek philosopher and grounder of the atomic theory of nature, Demokritos, who said that matter consists of an unlimited amount of different undivisible and unvisible small particles (atoms), which are moving in empty space. This Demokrites’ thought about matter, to which nobody paid much attention in the antics, wasn’s confirmed until our atomic physics.

About 20 years after Demokritos, a greek biologist, philosopher, doctor and politician Empedokles, grounded the theory about four ever lasting elements (fire, water, air and ground), and that all the things are creating by mixing these 4 elements. Later, Aristoteles added a fifth element to these four - ether. Ether was supposed to be some type of a sea of a very soft nature, in which stars could move without any resistance. Nobody knew how this medium looks like and also, nobody proved it’s existence experimentally. Ether was thought to be unimpugnable reality until the first half of the century, when Einstein in connection with his research declared the word ether dead.

I started to understand the elements of the antic scholars, when I connected them to the experiments. Fire, water air and ground are important natural sources of cosmic energy, the omnipresent ether looks like a conductor of cosmic energy. However, the four antic elements had the same destiny as Demokrites’ thiught about matter - in the following history they stayed unnoticed. The presumption that antic scholars used kosmic energy and concentrated it, is confirmed by many architektonic elements.

The existence of some energetic raster in space is also confirmed by the fact, which was documented by optical satellites, that discharges from thunderstorm clouds of potential 100 000 000 volts, don't occur only between the clouds or between clouds and the ground, but also between the clouds and the other side, which means they are dirrected somewhere into obscurity, from the Earth. How and where does this enormous energy go? The cause and principal of this phenomenon hasn't been explained yet. Similar physical vacuum is related to the origin of enormous energy in the form of up to 1000 times greater energetic discharges of lightning on Saturn, which were documented by the Cassini probe.

The yet unexplained phenomena of natural character show us, that we shouldn't unambiguosly deny the existence of ether. What is the origin of the conductivity of energetic raster? We don't know the cause of the condictivity, but we demonstrate it's existence in many cases. There seems to be a connection between ether and energetic raster, that it's just one phenomenon that is designated by two names.

March 2006

Miroslav Provod sen. + jun. or at 2006-04-04 14:13:20

Elections, Jobs, & Potter

Suckage - Assazon & Homail

iBob & Harry P

I hope this new Dumbledore is as good as the old Dumbledore… I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since he died! at 2004-06-07 13:36:00

My Kingdom for Parchment

Moore Bashing and Gmail

VisitorVille is a really neatoh package for viewing your website statistics as a sort of SimCity. Pages appear as buildings. The more people that visit a particular building, the taller the building is. And there are branded buses and taxis that show you where traffic is coming from, and you can discern click-paths by watching people wander from building to building. Very cool! Wired article about VisitorVille. I have a meeting with Dezing next week. Hopefully they’ll want to outsource some work to me :) I’m gonna try to save up for this php conference in september in toronto. It’s 800 bucks. yeowch! BUT the creators of php will be there (Rasmus & Gang), and it’s 3 days of pure php goodness. Lots of workshops on php5’s new features. Lots of high-level insight. New warhammer40k videogame looks pretty sweet. Makes me think of Jeff Mahood, aka Math Ninja. I don’t like turnbased stuff (like FinalFantasy), but if it’s like C&C Generals, it will rock.

Comments from my old blog:

James Trott (UK) said: Dude!

1) Hook me up with your gmail addy for my address book 2) How did you get the account, via blogger? Im a member there and havent been offered an account yet :( 3) Get in touch, havent heard from you in ages!!!

mom said: i use 100% rag paper by Fabriano, its my favourite especially the rough in artistico. It would be too rough for what you are looking for. Do look at both the artistico line and uno, they may have more i can’t remember. love ya, mom at 2004-06-10 20:41:21

tania said: the jpp is paper heaven. great suggestion!

a certain type of washi paper (it’s called ‘gampi,’ i think) has the transluscent quality of parchment (if that’s still what you’re looking for) without the weight. check out that type of paper too when you’re there. they still make them pretty much the same way they did 800 years ago. i hope you find what you’re looking for! at 2004-06-10 22:22:00

martin said: Fabriano… they have a nice shop in Rome - you should check it out the next time you’re in town… hehe. Seriously, though - nice shop. at 2004-06-11 05:20:12

James Trott (UK) said: I might be able to throw some work your way if your interested, currently building a solutions provider here in the UK, we have the windows arm fairly well covered, but PHP would be a nice string to the bow, i really need to get back into it, but being the Guru you are, your my first choice PHP developer. Client pickup is slowly accelerating, so theres pottential here, we have an agreement with a hosting provider here in the UK (which reminds me, want some free hosting??), also scope for you to work over here in the UK with us in the future. If your interested, drop me a line.

(Ed)[] said: Visitorville sounds cool; no-one is responding to the gmail invitations I sent; and I wouldn’t say that putting a nutjob anti-MM link on there is being ‘balanced.’ It’s like, say, saying Hilary Clinton supports something and then getting commentary from the raving schizophrenic person on the street as ‘counterpoint,’ but treating it as stern serious. The US media does that kind of thing ALL the time. Beep! at 2004-06-11 23:01:57

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: From what I remember hearing, Nintendo is trying to aim more at the casual gamer market - those people who don’t want to sit down and play for an hour or 7, but rather those that want to sit down for 15 minutes and get a full gaming experience. That kinda made me sad to hear that.

Oh, and the new Warhammer game is an RTS game, not turn based, from what I’ve heard. at 2004-06-14 15:56:53

Fighting, Interface Idiots, & Radio

Dinko said: You brave superman!!!! at 2004-06-15 16:26:15

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: I’m still not sure what the big deal is with GMail… Ok, it’s 1gb storage… But ya know what? I have 36gb of storage on my home computer (unlimited if I back up to CD) so why would I need a GMail account? Remote access? That’s what remote desktop is for! at 2004-06-15 20:58:11

mom said: whee!!!!!!!!!!!Superman got me a GMail account, too cool!!!! Watch out i may become a techy mom. love ya at 2004-06-16 02:36:41

Layton, PEAR, & Gmail

Have fun… ;) at 2004-06-16 21:10:25

Vlad said: Derek is too “cool” to reply to his journal’s comments. I feel pain! at 2004-06-16 23:12:59

derek said: the comments arrive to me via email, and i reply via email, so if you would stop putting in fake email addresses, i might send you a reply :P at 2004-06-16 23:29:11

Vlad said: I need do put fake e-mail addresses, arghhh :) at 2004-06-16 23:40:57

Vlad said: s/need/never at 2004-06-16 23:41:16

derek said: You can’t see people’s email addresses unless you login, man, so spammers can’t get your address from my site. No worries. at 2004-06-17 00:01:06

Vlad said: I can’t, but can’t you see even if it doesn’t show? :) at 2004-06-17 00:52:08

derek said: I can, yes, because it’s my site. Why would you want me to be able to reply, but not want to give me your email (which I already have but don’t want to look up every time I want to email you). I mean I could just type your email right here for everyone to see, and then it’d be on my site for my future reference :P vlad at con___us dot com! :P at 2004-06-17 01:16:15

Vlad said: if “the comments arrive to me via email, and i reply via email”, then you should see my e-mail since I always specify it to add a comment (it’s a mandatory field). since we don’t see it (and we don’t need to) and you see it (“I can, yes, because it’s my site”), then you can reply to it, right? :) at 2004-06-17 02:05:47

Paintball This Saturday!

Derek, im also interested in the PHP5 contest, im currently debating whether to go for the solo submission, or whether to submit with a team, surely between you and me we’ could come up with some super sweet software? Let me know what you think!

Pirates, Minds, & Microsoft

“Once inside the non-descript edifice, you’re greeted by a low-ceilinged version of an internet start up - the requisite espresso maker, late-modern furniture, flat-screen displays, etc. But really, nothing worth writing home about. In fact, the place felt a bit cramped and claustrophobic. That all changed once Danny came out to meet me. After chit chatting for a few minutes, he took me to a small room - no wider than my outstretched arms - at the far end of which stood one of those classic red English phone booths. We stepped inside - a bit cramped - and Danny lifted the receiver and dictated a passphrase of some sort. Presto - the rear wall of the booth opened, and we stepped into - nerdvana. ” Read The Rest Here

Excellent music I’ve acquired in the last 2-3 weeks:Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl Master and Commander: The Far Side of The World Wyclef Jean: Preacher’s Son PJ Harvey: Uh huh her Eric Clapton: Me & Mr. Johnson James Brown: Gold Greatest Hits The Cardigans: Long Gone Before Daylight The Martin Sexton Discography (6 albums) The Ice Cube Discography (9 albums) I skipped over this Joel On Sofware article (API Wars) yesterday, wondering if I shouldn’t have. This morning one of my friends had emailed me a link to it, so I figured I’d better read it, even though it was looong. Glad I did. It discusses how microsoft is shooting itself in the foot, and why so many application developers are becoming web developers (news to me, but true). Nuggets from the article:- “When you try to unify two opposing forces by creating a third alternative, you just end up with three opposing forces.” - Suddenly Microsoft’s API doesn’t matter so much. Web applications don’t require Windows. - Microsoft is going to allow DHTML to get any better than it already is: it’s just too dangerous to their core business. - The new API is HTML, and the new winners in the application development marketplace will be the people who can make HTML sing.

Perhaps my perception that web work was flooded with n00b and goof programmers was off the scent. Perhaps it’s flooded with developers leaving the MS world. It hadn’t occurred to me before, but it makes sense. In light of this article I’d like to propose the release date of Longhorn as *THE DATE* that a useable desktop Linux must be available. People will flock to it. Why? Longhorn is *not* going to be backward compatible for existing applications. So, if your current programs won’t work on Longhorn ($150-$250), and they also won’t work on Linux ($0), which would you switch to, if both were equally usable? This slashdot comment made me laugh:> Internet Explorer is a project currently under development by Microsoft. Its features include: * Cookie Management * Customizable Layout * Auto-Image-Resize I strongly reccomend it to all as an alternative to GNU/Open Source.

————— I was getting some ebooks last night, and if you’ve ever done that you’ll know that they usually come in a big .tar.gz file. When you open that zip file, you find about 15 more littler zip files, which each contain a .rar file. So you have to go through all this monotonous unzipping and piecing stuff back together just to get a .pdf document. That’s the way things have been on the pirate scene ever since I started pirating in 92-93… but what i’m saying is “WHAT THE FUCK!” I mean, we’re not *using* floppies anymore. NO ONE IS! CDs are standard media increments. Even keychains can hold 100 floppies of stuff (mine holds 200). Floppies have been old school since the original CRT iMac stopped including them. Pirates are supposed to be 31337. I’m sure they use stuff other than dial-up and floppies. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Comments from my old blog:

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: Well, the reason they still do things in small file chunks is to make it easier to grab things a bit at a time… or host it in multiple places, or upload it to newsgroups (a HUGE place to get stuff, incidentally)… if you can upload it in smaller chunks, you don’t have to re-upload 600mb if the upload fails or gets corrupted. Likewise if you’re downloading, you don’t need to re-download a gig, you just need to re-download 15 megs :) at 2004-06-19 15:18:25

Vlad said: it still does not explain why they have to first RAR the file and then ZIP it. at 2004-06-19 15:34:26

Vlad said: a goodie: An Analysis of the 911 Attack at 2004-06-20 23:50:30

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: Actually, usually the warez groups just rar it… it’s the distribution centres that will then zip it, so they can insert their own .nfo files without modifying the original rar file :) at 2004-06-21 13:34:52

How to Speed Up BitTorrent

It really works!! Basically, for a linksys router, connect to it using a browser at: The default login / password is: admin / admin Click the Advanced Link Under “Customized Applications” type bitTorrent Under Ext. Ports put: 6881 To 6999 Check UDP and TCP Under IP Address put the IP address of your computer (to find this, go to start->run. Type in cmd and click OK. type ipconfig and press enter); Check Enable and click Apply. Then click on Port Triggering on the same screen. Application Name: bitTorrent Trigger Port Range: 6881-6999 Incoming Port Range: 5881-6999 That’s it! My new favourite php website is If you create php websites for a living, you *must* do this tutorial: HTML QuickForms. It will save you countless hours on every project you do in the future.

Comments from my old blog:

(richard)[] said: Cool. I have to try that with my router because the slow speed of BT was of the thing that bother me. I am surprised that is speeds it up so much: 2000% (yes, from 10 to 200 Kb/s is a 2000% increase) at 2004-06-21 16:01:50

derek said: I was surprised too! I had spent 3 days trying to get a 1500 meg file, and I’d only made it to 20%. Then I went to my friend Jeff’s house on Friday, and took my laptop so I could continue the download from there. Much to my surprise it said “2 hours until complete” and I was getting 200 Kb/s. I was like “!!!???? WTF!” and Jeff was like “Oh yeah. you just need to open some ports”. Happy day! at 2004-06-21 16:07:30

derek said: I forgot to mention that I bought more RAM on Saturday, and now my laptop runs about a billion times smoother. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. If you’re wondering if upgrading from 256 to 500 meg of RAM will make a difference in your ability to multi-task - the answer is a resounding “Yes”, and for $66 you can’t get a better investment in your own sanity. at 2004-06-21 16:22:44

Vlad said: it’s only for those behind a router, right? at 2004-06-21 19:18:20

mom said: awesome to everything! love ya, mom at 2004-06-22 04:32:17

Paintball Epilogue

Played with one in a store. Beautiful display, great polyphonic tunes, etc. Prices will drop soon — it goes for around 370$ (unlocked) CDN. at 2004-06-22 21:55:30

Dinko said: See now! Vlad also thinks that phone is girlish! at 2004-06-22 21:58:37

Vlad said: it scores “cute” points with girls though. so it might be in Derek’s interest to give it a try :) at 2004-06-22 22:14:04

derek said: ha ha. ok, thing is they have a special on right now where you can get the phone (unlocked) for $100 if you sign up for any of the fido plans. i currently pay bell like $20-50/month for shit service. fido has an unlimited incoming calls plan for 25/month (all i ever do is receive anyway) and an unlimited calling plan for 45/month. either way it’s gonna be cheaper. PLUS it’s orange. You keep missing that fact! at 2004-06-22 22:35:38

mom said: Well if its orange, there isn’t much left to say!!!!!however, fido does not cover many areas out of toronto, which is why bell usually wins out. Can’t use fido down here for instance. I have checked out most of them and even with rogers, you have to have one phone for sarnia and a different one for petrolia> go figure!!! i have unlimited night and evenings, and 300 day min, for 37.95, love ya, mom at 2004-06-22 23:06:32

Vlad said: make sure that you sign up before July 1st — FIDO has the “unlimited incoming calls” (something that’s standard in Europe) only until then. 25$ for 100 minutes anytime/1,000 minutes evening/weekend/free incoming. i’ve actually made a change from my unlimited evening/weekend plan to their new offer today.

Bell does have a better coverage, but Bell sucks. because it’s Bell. period; and they dont’t offer GSM (for tri-band phones) service. at 2004-06-23 10:04:09

sandrinne said: three band phone? yuppie, so now you can “sms” with us here;)) Canadian roaming sure will be verrrry grateful ;)

and it’s not girlish. When they are small, you can carry them around your neck on the silver string, with lady mirrors in it, eventually pink colored as Carrie has it in Sex and the city, well then yes…;) at 2004-06-23 10:40:14

derek said: Ok Sandrinne, carrying it around my neck on a silver string would make me look girlish :P Jeepers. I rarely leave Toronto, except for real travel, so it’d be fine for me. Plus this one has a feature that I really like: a clock on the outside of the phone, so you don’t have to open it for the time. See - I don’t wear a watch - so that’s really cool. I managed to find some on ebay for cheap, but I’m sure they’ll go waaay up in price before I could get them. I also saw a Z600 on there - sexy, with built in camera - but no clock. Also expensive. at 2004-06-23 16:01:21

Vlad said: Z600 does have a clock. it’s b&w and doesn’t eat your battery. at 2004-06-23 18:45:06

dad said: Don’t worry about orange Derek….i use pink in chat….nice vibrant colour and easy to follow since no one else uses it lol.I get…oh,you’re a guy and, isn’t that a girlie colour ?Being different satisfies the self!!and that’s what it’s all about. at 2004-06-23 21:25:51

derek said: Funny how time changes things… I remember a time when you didn’t want me to “satisfy the self”. You wouldn’t let me wear “grunge clothing” outside the house, nor my metal-spike-bracelet, nor my mohawk, nor get a tattoo — all of which would have been ‘different’ and ‘me’ (at the time), but none of which were ‘proper’.

Anyway, I want orange because: a) my favourite colour is orange; b) my nickname through university & humber was/is “Orange”; and c) my consulting company is “Orange Consulting”. at 2004-06-23 21:44:26

Vlad said: ericsson phones have interchangeable faceplates :) you can get orange for Z600 (it actually comes with a few of those plates :) at 2004-06-23 22:37:05

Ugoff Loves Your Pocket!

:) at 2004-06-25 07:27:51

Bemer Couldn’t ESC Death

Hmmm i said,i’d have trouble living that way.Her answer;you know you’re alive that way because you are elated to have bought what you want but get depressed when the bills aren’t paid and then elated again when you finally pay them so you experience all the emotions to their n’th degree and that way and you know you are alive.Bugger me!! i said…you are right i never thought of it that way.I proceeded to do a personality test on the puter and low and behold….i’m a reserved stodgy ol’ man lol.

Schopenauer (a fellow piscean) wrote of pessimism relating to totalitarian rule and the drudgery of live therein, for the masses.Her take on it was;if you’re pessimistic about life you are elated when something goes right whereas in the west, being more optimistic in outlook ,we get depressed when something goes wrong lol.

Soooo! the moral of the story,if there is one;pessimists don’t count their chickens until they hatch and are elated to find they all hatched and optimists count there chickens before they hatch and are depressed when they don’t all hatch.Oh well!!,i just felt like writing something lol. at 2004-06-27 03:58:42


Also, the Conservative Candidate Bernie Tanz came by my house on Friday, door-to-door. He gave me a flyer and asked if I had any questions (I didn’t have any for him).

In his flyer, 1 line is whited-out. That means you have to find out what’s under the whtie-out! It’s a challenge! If you hold it up to the light, it reads “I will fight low income Canadians.”

Yes, that’s right, he’ll fight them! Now, I wonder if that was an actual typo, or if that’s what it was supposed to say but at the last minute they decided it might be politically incorrect? at 2004-06-28 17:14:40

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: LOL! I’m guessing it’s “I’ll fight for low income Canadians” but somebody forgot the “for”… hilarious! Incidentally, Fahrenheit 9/11 was the #1 movie this weekend, surpassing in its opening weekend the ENTIRE TAKE for Bowling for Columbine. :) I went to see The Notebook instead. at 2004-06-28 17:33:54

Vlad said: gotta love BT. 9/11 was out on Friday for grabs. watched it Saturday with my morning coffee.

“THIS isn’t living.” “I got it all the time in Croatia.”

True. Let’s go back and do some business in that region?

at 2004-06-28 18:44:29

Dinko said: Croatian friends miss you too. But last 3 days spent on Adriatic coast, swimming in cold sea but with lot’s of sun took away the damage of missing you.:) at 2004-06-28 22:00:13

(Mathninja)[] said: Hooray!

Being that my blog is somewhat reserved for news about my preparations to go overseas, I will celebrate what I consider the best of the realistic possibilities for election outcomes here. Granted, I’m not a fan of the Liberals, but a Liberal minority government with an NDP bloc making up the balance of power is what brought us public health care under good ol’ Lester B back in the sixties. Jack Layton has, on numerous occasions, voiced his and his party’s support for a Proportional Represetation of some kind… let’s hope this government lasts long enough to put the wheels in motion to get us a more representative, fair system of elections.

It’s about goddamn time. at 2004-06-29 05:14:52

(derek)[] said: I’m just testing this new “remember my info” feature. hope it works. at 2004-06-30 06:00:09

Stupider, Knoppix, & FUSE

I’m soooo glad that the government worked out this way. Now Jack Layton will actually have a say in how Canada develops. Yay! Go Jack, Go! You see, Orange is a really great colour :) Here’s a nice map of how Canadians voted. Also, look how cool this election website is. It looks like some sort of Tim Burton affair! What’s up with all the secrecy surrounding voting and who you voted for? If i didn’t believe in people having the freedom to choose, i’d make it mandatory for everyoen to make it public who they voted for. You should be able to explain your choices, and stand up for what you believe in, even if your friends don’t agree. Fahrenheit 9/11 Melts Boxoffice Records - It’s the first documentary ever to open at #1. It made $21.8M in 868 theatres, for a whopping per-screen gross of $25,115. That’s more income in 3 days than “Bowling for Columbine” made in its entire run. It cost just $6 million to make. Anyone remember what movie it was that they showed a preview for before Fahrenheit 9/11? I remember really wanting to see it. I bet you want a real camera made of paper!Al Gore: The Bush Administration is Destroying Democracy. Al Gore is awesome. Too bad the Right is now saying “Al Gore is insane.” Jerks. I think that maybe i should aim for web maintenance & upgrade contracts, instead of for web construction contracts recurring income is where it’s at! What do you think? Word of the Day:My roommate mark really digs synesthesia. You could even say that he’s a syntheseist. Do It Yourself Flamethrower!. Wow. Amazing! See it here. But also be sure to watch this flamethrower animation and this flamethrower animation 2 (they’re captured from a movie, so they look sweeeet). Linux LIVE CDs Foil NT Security:You can burn a copy of knoppix for free, and run linux right off a cd, no installing. no nothing. It comes with a web browser, and office software, and a bunch of other stuff. It’ll auto-detect your ethernet, wifi, and all your devices. It will even mount your fat32 AND NTFS partitions. Wait a minute — it’ll what? What if i walk into Joe’s office tower and pop one of these cds into a corporate computer, and reboot it? Ohhh - now i can skip all their “NT Security” and browse all their files and network! Awesome :) As an added bonus, if the computer you’ve just hijacked has a cd or dvd burner, you can burn copies for yourself or copy them to a usb keychain, and walk away full-handed. New TV show called FUSE:It plays only videos for the most downloaded songs (they look on p2p networks for this info). When it plays the video, it watermarks the video with a password the first 1000 people to go to the fuse website and type in the password can download the song legally. Iiiinteresting… Radio Newsflash: Maccu Piccu is now on the UNESCO endangered list. Its 1,000 tourist per day are killing the ruins. Great. Fucking great. I won that eBay auction, and will soon be the proud pwnz0r of this VForce Shield paintball mask. Safety first; Shooting your friends second. Stupider:Is it me or are we getting stupider? Tell me if you could pass this 8th grade test, from 1895 I sure couldn’t not pass it. If you read RSS feeds, here are some free ones for you. If you don’t, you really should. You can get all the news/info you want without all the annoying ads & banners, & crap. Sign up for a free RSS reading account at I use mine every day, all day. World Headlines: US Headlines: Politics Headines: MONEYScope Headlines: Scitech Headlines: Health Headlines: Entertainment Headlines: Travel Headlines: Relationships Headlines: WNT Headlines: 20/20 Headlines: Primetime Headlines: Nightline Headlines: This Week Headlines: GMA Headlines:

Comments from my old blog:

mom said: this morning Paul Martin says he has a stable government even though its a minority, he will not need to make any formal agreements with the other parties because they agree with him on the issues at hand. If that really were the case, why the minority? on a different note, the idea of web maintenance and contract upgrades is good, but as an addition to building the sites. In many types of business, the initial outlay for a product or service is usualy “the big money” but the maintenance is more over time. you do not want to put yourself in the position of the big chunk going elsewhere and you are left with fixing or maintaining others designs and possibly mistakes, for the lesser amount. methinks you would be better off offering some sort of discount on the initial building of said site, for a contract of maintenance or upgrading. i no nothing about your business in particular, but in a general business way i think it could work to your advantage . just a thought. love ya, mom at 2004-06-30 13:21:05

(Dan)[] said: You can share all your bloglines RSS feeds simply with “/public/your_username”. Check mine out at

Also, if you haven’t checked out, do so. It’s a dead-easy way to convert any mailing list into an RSS feed. You don’t even have to own the list. at 2004-06-30 19:16:38

Vlad said: I was reading today about tourism in Croatia (off-topic, sorry) and came across two notable things:

1) Croatia is apparently “the center” of world’s naturism (

2) Out of the 1185 small islands on the Adriatic coast, only 66 are inhabited while the the rest (over 25 as of today) are for sale. Guess what the prices are? From 5 to 40$USD for a square meter!!! That’s cheaper than buying an apartment/house in Toronto.

Now, use your imagination… :) at 2004-07-01 19:20:23