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Monitor Mania!

I was surprised when I received one of the final answers from the known physicist who alerted me that the energetic raster that I’m describing on my website in the graph no. 6 looks similarly to the ether that was reprobated by Einstein. I had never thought like that because Albert Einstein laid ether definitively down from physics. The hypothesis that brings back the thought about the existence of ether, is indirectly confirmed also by the very difficult to explain fact that the radio transmission on the Earth is worse during the in-line position of two or more planets in our solar system, including our planet - the Earth.

We can easily imagine how great the decrease of intersections of spherical rasters of planetary zones and interzones is during this “planetary eclipsed” situation when the planets are located on one line. We can also imagine the decrease of these virtual paths for the radiosignal on the earth. If we totally accept Einstein’s hypothesis that is describing the magnetic fields, we can’t explain this “radio effect” in full detail. These and many other facts bring up a thought if Einstein could have somehow been wrong with saying that ether doesn’t exist and if there could be something we can’t register in space, which doesn’t interact with gravity and what we can’t sense. Because of that we rather say it doesn’t exist. But we really have some indices that suppoert the existence of “it”.

There are similar thoughts found by the learning of the antic scholars, some of which haven’t been explained yet. 2500 years ago there was a greek philosopher and grounder of the atomic theory of nature, Demokritos, who said that matter consists of an unlimited amount of different undivisible and unvisible small particles (atoms), which are moving in empty space. This Demokrites’ thought about matter, to which nobody paid much attention in the antics, wasn’s confirmed until our atomic physics.

About 20 years after Demokritos, a greek biologist, philosopher, doctor and politician Empedokles, grounded the theory about four ever lasting elements (fire, water, air and ground), and that all the things are creating by mixing these 4 elements. Later, Aristoteles added a fifth element to these four - ether. Ether was supposed to be some type of a sea of a very soft nature, in which stars could move without any resistance. Nobody knew how this medium looks like and also, nobody proved it’s existence experimentally. Ether was thought to be unimpugnable reality until the first half of the century, when Einstein in connection with his research declared the word ether dead.

I started to understand the elements of the antic scholars, when I connected them to the experiments. Fire, water air and ground are important natural sources of cosmic energy, the omnipresent ether looks like a conductor of cosmic energy. However, the four antic elements had the same destiny as Demokrites’ thiught about matter - in the following history they stayed unnoticed. The presumption that antic scholars used kosmic energy and concentrated it, is confirmed by many architektonic elements.

The existence of some energetic raster in space is also confirmed by the fact, which was documented by optical satellites, that discharges from thunderstorm clouds of potential 100 000 000 volts, don't occur only between the clouds or between clouds and the ground, but also between the clouds and the other side, which means they are dirrected somewhere into obscurity, from the Earth. How and where does this enormous energy go? The cause and principal of this phenomenon hasn't been explained yet. Similar physical vacuum is related to the origin of enormous energy in the form of up to 1000 times greater energetic discharges of lightning on Saturn, which were documented by the Cassini probe.

The yet unexplained phenomena of natural character show us, that we shouldn't unambiguosly deny the existence of ether. What is the origin of the conductivity of energetic raster? We don't know the cause of the condictivity, but we demonstrate it's existence in many cases. There seems to be a connection between ether and energetic raster, that it's just one phenomenon that is designated by two names.

March 2006

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