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Moore Bashing and Gmail

VisitorVille is a really neatoh package for viewing your website statistics as a sort of SimCity. Pages appear as buildings. The more people that visit a particular building, the taller the building is. And there are branded buses and taxis that show you where traffic is coming from, and you can discern click-paths by watching people wander from building to building. Very cool! Wired article about VisitorVille. I have a meeting with Dezing next week. Hopefully they’ll want to outsource some work to me :) I’m gonna try to save up for this php conference in september in toronto. It’s 800 bucks. yeowch! BUT the creators of php will be there (Rasmus & Gang), and it’s 3 days of pure php goodness. Lots of workshops on php5’s new features. Lots of high-level insight. New warhammer40k videogame looks pretty sweet. Makes me think of Jeff Mahood, aka Math Ninja. I don’t like turnbased stuff (like FinalFantasy), but if it’s like C&C Generals, it will rock.

Comments from my old blog:

James Trott (UK) said: Dude!

1) Hook me up with your gmail addy for my address book 2) How did you get the account, via blogger? Im a member there and havent been offered an account yet :( 3) Get in touch, havent heard from you in ages!!!

mom said: i use 100% rag paper by Fabriano, its my favourite especially the rough in artistico. It would be too rough for what you are looking for. Do look at both the artistico line and uno, they may have more i can’t remember. love ya, mom at 2004-06-10 20:41:21

tania said: the jpp is paper heaven. great suggestion!

a certain type of washi paper (it’s called ‘gampi,’ i think) has the transluscent quality of parchment (if that’s still what you’re looking for) without the weight. check out that type of paper too when you’re there. they still make them pretty much the same way they did 800 years ago. i hope you find what you’re looking for! at 2004-06-10 22:22:00

martin said: Fabriano… they have a nice shop in Rome - you should check it out the next time you’re in town… hehe. Seriously, though - nice shop. at 2004-06-11 05:20:12

James Trott (UK) said: I might be able to throw some work your way if your interested, currently building a solutions provider here in the UK, we have the windows arm fairly well covered, but PHP would be a nice string to the bow, i really need to get back into it, but being the Guru you are, your my first choice PHP developer. Client pickup is slowly accelerating, so theres pottential here, we have an agreement with a hosting provider here in the UK (which reminds me, want some free hosting??), also scope for you to work over here in the UK with us in the future. If your interested, drop me a line.

(Ed)[] said: Visitorville sounds cool; no-one is responding to the gmail invitations I sent; and I wouldn’t say that putting a nutjob anti-MM link on there is being ‘balanced.’ It’s like, say, saying Hilary Clinton supports something and then getting commentary from the raving schizophrenic person on the street as ‘counterpoint,’ but treating it as stern serious. The US media does that kind of thing ALL the time. Beep! at 2004-06-11 23:01:57

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: From what I remember hearing, Nintendo is trying to aim more at the casual gamer market - those people who don’t want to sit down and play for an hour or 7, but rather those that want to sit down for 15 minutes and get a full gaming experience. That kinda made me sad to hear that.

Oh, and the new Warhammer game is an RTS game, not turn based, from what I’ve heard. at 2004-06-14 15:56:53