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Paintball Epilogue

Played with one in a store. Beautiful display, great polyphonic tunes, etc. Prices will drop soon — it goes for around 370$ (unlocked) CDN. at 2004-06-22 21:55:30

Dinko said: See now! Vlad also thinks that phone is girlish! at 2004-06-22 21:58:37

Vlad said: it scores “cute” points with girls though. so it might be in Derek’s interest to give it a try :) at 2004-06-22 22:14:04

derek said: ha ha. ok, thing is they have a special on right now where you can get the phone (unlocked) for $100 if you sign up for any of the fido plans. i currently pay bell like $20-50/month for shit service. fido has an unlimited incoming calls plan for 25/month (all i ever do is receive anyway) and an unlimited calling plan for 45/month. either way it’s gonna be cheaper. PLUS it’s orange. You keep missing that fact! at 2004-06-22 22:35:38

mom said: Well if its orange, there isn’t much left to say!!!!!however, fido does not cover many areas out of toronto, which is why bell usually wins out. Can’t use fido down here for instance. I have checked out most of them and even with rogers, you have to have one phone for sarnia and a different one for petrolia> go figure!!! i have unlimited night and evenings, and 300 day min, for 37.95, love ya, mom at 2004-06-22 23:06:32

Vlad said: make sure that you sign up before July 1st — FIDO has the “unlimited incoming calls” (something that’s standard in Europe) only until then. 25$ for 100 minutes anytime/1,000 minutes evening/weekend/free incoming. i’ve actually made a change from my unlimited evening/weekend plan to their new offer today.

Bell does have a better coverage, but Bell sucks. because it’s Bell. period; and they dont’t offer GSM (for tri-band phones) service. at 2004-06-23 10:04:09

sandrinne said: three band phone? yuppie, so now you can “sms” with us here;)) Canadian roaming sure will be verrrry grateful ;)

and it’s not girlish. When they are small, you can carry them around your neck on the silver string, with lady mirrors in it, eventually pink colored as Carrie has it in Sex and the city, well then yes…;) at 2004-06-23 10:40:14

derek said: Ok Sandrinne, carrying it around my neck on a silver string would make me look girlish :P Jeepers. I rarely leave Toronto, except for real travel, so it’d be fine for me. Plus this one has a feature that I really like: a clock on the outside of the phone, so you don’t have to open it for the time. See - I don’t wear a watch - so that’s really cool. I managed to find some on ebay for cheap, but I’m sure they’ll go waaay up in price before I could get them. I also saw a Z600 on there - sexy, with built in camera - but no clock. Also expensive. at 2004-06-23 16:01:21

Vlad said: Z600 does have a clock. it’s b&w and doesn’t eat your battery. at 2004-06-23 18:45:06

dad said: Don’t worry about orange Derek….i use pink in chat….nice vibrant colour and easy to follow since no one else uses it lol.I get…oh,you’re a guy and, isn’t that a girlie colour ?Being different satisfies the self!!and that’s what it’s all about. at 2004-06-23 21:25:51

derek said: Funny how time changes things… I remember a time when you didn’t want me to “satisfy the self”. You wouldn’t let me wear “grunge clothing” outside the house, nor my metal-spike-bracelet, nor my mohawk, nor get a tattoo — all of which would have been ‘different’ and ‘me’ (at the time), but none of which were ‘proper’.

Anyway, I want orange because: a) my favourite colour is orange; b) my nickname through university & humber was/is “Orange”; and c) my consulting company is “Orange Consulting”. at 2004-06-23 21:44:26

Vlad said: ericsson phones have interchangeable faceplates :) you can get orange for Z600 (it actually comes with a few of those plates :) at 2004-06-23 22:37:05