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Stupider, Knoppix, & FUSE

I’m soooo glad that the government worked out this way. Now Jack Layton will actually have a say in how Canada develops. Yay! Go Jack, Go! You see, Orange is a really great colour :) Here’s a nice map of how Canadians voted. Also, look how cool this election website is. It looks like some sort of Tim Burton affair! What’s up with all the secrecy surrounding voting and who you voted for? If i didn’t believe in people having the freedom to choose, i’d make it mandatory for everyoen to make it public who they voted for. You should be able to explain your choices, and stand up for what you believe in, even if your friends don’t agree. Fahrenheit 9/11 Melts Boxoffice Records - It’s the first documentary ever to open at #1. It made $21.8M in 868 theatres, for a whopping per-screen gross of $25,115. That’s more income in 3 days than “Bowling for Columbine” made in its entire run. It cost just $6 million to make. Anyone remember what movie it was that they showed a preview for before Fahrenheit 9/11? I remember really wanting to see it. I bet you want a real camera made of paper!Al Gore: The Bush Administration is Destroying Democracy. Al Gore is awesome. Too bad the Right is now saying “Al Gore is insane.” Jerks. I think that maybe i should aim for web maintenance & upgrade contracts, instead of for web construction contracts recurring income is where it’s at! What do you think? Word of the Day:My roommate mark really digs synesthesia. You could even say that he’s a syntheseist. Do It Yourself Flamethrower!. Wow. Amazing! See it here. But also be sure to watch this flamethrower animation and this flamethrower animation 2 (they’re captured from a movie, so they look sweeeet). Linux LIVE CDs Foil NT Security:You can burn a copy of knoppix for free, and run linux right off a cd, no installing. no nothing. It comes with a web browser, and office software, and a bunch of other stuff. It’ll auto-detect your ethernet, wifi, and all your devices. It will even mount your fat32 AND NTFS partitions. Wait a minute — it’ll what? What if i walk into Joe’s office tower and pop one of these cds into a corporate computer, and reboot it? Ohhh - now i can skip all their “NT Security” and browse all their files and network! Awesome :) As an added bonus, if the computer you’ve just hijacked has a cd or dvd burner, you can burn copies for yourself or copy them to a usb keychain, and walk away full-handed. New TV show called FUSE:It plays only videos for the most downloaded songs (they look on p2p networks for this info). When it plays the video, it watermarks the video with a password the first 1000 people to go to the fuse website and type in the password can download the song legally. Iiiinteresting… Radio Newsflash: Maccu Piccu is now on the UNESCO endangered list. Its 1,000 tourist per day are killing the ruins. Great. Fucking great. I won that eBay auction, and will soon be the proud pwnz0r of this VForce Shield paintball mask. Safety first; Shooting your friends second. Stupider:Is it me or are we getting stupider? Tell me if you could pass this 8th grade test, from 1895 I sure couldn’t not pass it. If you read RSS feeds, here are some free ones for you. If you don’t, you really should. You can get all the news/info you want without all the annoying ads & banners, & crap. Sign up for a free RSS reading account at I use mine every day, all day. World Headlines: US Headlines: Politics Headines: MONEYScope Headlines: Scitech Headlines: Health Headlines: Entertainment Headlines: Travel Headlines: Relationships Headlines: WNT Headlines: 20/20 Headlines: Primetime Headlines: Nightline Headlines: This Week Headlines: GMA Headlines:

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mom said: this morning Paul Martin says he has a stable government even though its a minority, he will not need to make any formal agreements with the other parties because they agree with him on the issues at hand. If that really were the case, why the minority? on a different note, the idea of web maintenance and contract upgrades is good, but as an addition to building the sites. In many types of business, the initial outlay for a product or service is usualy “the big money” but the maintenance is more over time. you do not want to put yourself in the position of the big chunk going elsewhere and you are left with fixing or maintaining others designs and possibly mistakes, for the lesser amount. methinks you would be better off offering some sort of discount on the initial building of said site, for a contract of maintenance or upgrading. i no nothing about your business in particular, but in a general business way i think it could work to your advantage . just a thought. love ya, mom at 2004-06-30 13:21:05

(Dan)[] said: You can share all your bloglines RSS feeds simply with “/public/your_username”. Check mine out at

Also, if you haven’t checked out, do so. It’s a dead-easy way to convert any mailing list into an RSS feed. You don’t even have to own the list. at 2004-06-30 19:16:38

Vlad said: I was reading today about tourism in Croatia (off-topic, sorry) and came across two notable things:

1) Croatia is apparently “the center” of world’s naturism (

2) Out of the 1185 small islands on the Adriatic coast, only 66 are inhabited while the the rest (over 25 as of today) are for sale. Guess what the prices are? From 5 to 40$USD for a square meter!!! That’s cheaper than buying an apartment/house in Toronto.

Now, use your imagination… :) at 2004-07-01 19:20:23