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Perfect Day

Trunk Monkey

Love it. at 2004-07-07 20:56:27

Quotables for $200, Alex

If you think it is possible, or if you think it is impossible, you are still thinking in dualities. It just is what it is. There is no glass. at 2004-07-09 16:48:10

dad said: Just be….your natural self and above all be reasonable…finding the balance between action and inaction….Tsess at 2004-07-09 17:34:41

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: That guy with all the pirated stuff was a guy who was selling bootleg videos and cd’s of concerts at a convention. There’s a huge difference between downloading mp3 albums and movies for your own personal use, and downloading them and then selling them for profit out in public. This dumbass got caught and deserves what he gets for being so stupid! at 2004-07-12 00:02:15

mom said: its all good to know, love ya at 2004-07-13 15:12:39

Long Time No Blog!

We parted neccesarily as we both had prior engagements (we were both already late for) and couldnt wait to see each other again. Somewhere in those two hours that passed, she got some kind of wobbly feeling, and despite liking me ALOT has decided we should “never” see each other again.

Has anyone seen the movie Serendipity with John Cusack? Its all a bit eerily familliar. at 2004-07-19 08:15:52

James Tro said: at 2004-07-19 09:59:00

James Trott (UK) said: UPDATE: Ok, so I love the idea of being a knight, if i was alive at the time, Arthur would have had me at the round table, and i’d of been partying with Lancelot and Homies. (Besides that, i kick ass with a broadsword, claymore, or two bastard swords, in my last fight i won 1 vs. 5 [[No People harmed in these fights!!]])

Anyway, to paraphrase independance day, when it comes to romance “I will not go silently into the night…” as such, i strove for a solution to NEVER seeing this amazing girl again.

I Found it, it turns out she’s scared of a commited relationship or “Boyfriend” ok, im cool, the girl is GORGEOUS and I mean, DELICIOUS she could have been in sex in the city I swear, ok shes 8 years my senior, but she’s so HOT!

Anyway, i quite simply suggested that we saw each other casually, and just enjoyed each others company. (I think we both understood that means alot more making out.) So what i’ve done is offered a relationship and removed the label “Boyfriend” and would you believe it, she went for it!!!

Im so happy i could scream, but i wont, because im at work! at 2004-07-19 10:04:27

New iPods, Dunstan, & Bram

‘myquotes .txt’ is easier to search for quotes than thesite (for me) at 2004-07-25 02:31:26

Rock & Roll, Cedar Point

In the game of “human,” two birds fly at an unsuspecting human’s head, at full speed, from opposite sides. The challenge is to veer away at the last possible second.

Your right hand bird failed to pull up in time… and your left hand bird saw the collision and crapped itself laughing.

-Gearboy at 2004-07-26 18:08:05

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: What exactly were you expecting when you went to see Anchorman? I mean, it’s a Will Ferrell movie, the same man that brought us “Night at the Roxbury”. I personally LOVED Anchorman, but that’s because I went in expecting juvenile Will Ferrell humour, and that’s exactly what they gave us. at 2004-07-26 18:28:28

derek said: I like Will Ferrell. I loved Old School, Starsky & Hutch, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and Zoolander. I just thought Anchorman came off as a cheap cash-grab instead of a good comedy. at 2004-07-26 18:34:28

Alex Sirota said: I remember Magnum XL-200 when it first came out. It was easily 1989 when this coaster was launched and it was 200 ft high and absolutely amazing. I stood inline for 2 hours + in hot humid Ohio weather. No stamps, no get in front. But the ride was worth every second. Ah Cedar Pointe… at 2004-07-27 06:07:11

Awesome Day

And I WOULD consider VOIP, except I absolutely HATE the thought of not having phone service when the interweb goes down. at 2004-07-30 13:00:11

Vlad said: pretty limited in features.

i use Vonage. you can keep your current phone number, dial 911,/411, manage your account on-line, download voicemail messages, select any area code for your telephone #, etc.
at 2004-07-30 16:29:24

derek said: I think Primus offers all the stuff Vonage does, too, but my friend has Primus and if we’re talking on the phone and she tries to upload something or use bitTorrent or whatever we usually lose our connection and her end either completely cuts off or I lose her voice for a few seconds. Really annoying.

As for not having a phone when the interweb is down, most people have cell phones now, so I don’t think it’s really a problem (unless you’re cellularless). at 2004-07-30 16:43:44

Vlad said: Primus is only good because you don’t have to dial 10 digit numbers. Just dial a local #.

Vonage beats them in everything else. at 2004-07-30 17:16:19

dad said: Good luck with your interview Derek….the chickens are waiting to be counted,love dad. at 2004-07-30 19:06:40

mom said: i a m still sticking with Old all canadian Ma Bell, besides i want my stock to go up, come on folks help me out incase i ever get to retire!!!!!ha ha, love ya, mom at 2004-07-30 20:36:17

uncle charles said: Good luck on Tuesday-sparkle at 2004-07-31 07:03:52

James Trott (UK) said: Dude, whats up with this, your frontpage update is way old… whats going on, is everything ok?

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: Ack! Is there a glitch in the Matrix? I totally just got Deja Vu! :) at 2004-08-25 15:14:05