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Long Time No Blog!

We parted neccesarily as we both had prior engagements (we were both already late for) and couldnt wait to see each other again. Somewhere in those two hours that passed, she got some kind of wobbly feeling, and despite liking me ALOT has decided we should “never” see each other again.

Has anyone seen the movie Serendipity with John Cusack? Its all a bit eerily familliar. at 2004-07-19 08:15:52

James Tro said: at 2004-07-19 09:59:00

James Trott (UK) said: UPDATE: Ok, so I love the idea of being a knight, if i was alive at the time, Arthur would have had me at the round table, and i’d of been partying with Lancelot and Homies. (Besides that, i kick ass with a broadsword, claymore, or two bastard swords, in my last fight i won 1 vs. 5 [[No People harmed in these fights!!]])

Anyway, to paraphrase independance day, when it comes to romance “I will not go silently into the night…” as such, i strove for a solution to NEVER seeing this amazing girl again.

I Found it, it turns out she’s scared of a commited relationship or “Boyfriend” ok, im cool, the girl is GORGEOUS and I mean, DELICIOUS she could have been in sex in the city I swear, ok shes 8 years my senior, but she’s so HOT!

Anyway, i quite simply suggested that we saw each other casually, and just enjoyed each others company. (I think we both understood that means alot more making out.) So what i’ve done is offered a relationship and removed the label “Boyfriend” and would you believe it, she went for it!!!

Im so happy i could scream, but i wont, because im at work! at 2004-07-19 10:04:27