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A Night at the Opera

Dear Croatia

Buddha, Buddha, Buddha

mom said: now this is nothing to do with anything, but i know Derek has a wide variety of tastes. Did you know KRAFT has put out a new peanut butter that is CHOCOLATE ! Breslin says it tastes like a reece’s peanut butter cup. She has taken it in sandwiches to work for a couple of days. It would make me sick, but I thought you would like the idea Derek, not on a regular bloggers diet, but nice for a sweet attack on occasion. hugs, I really miss your blogs too! at 2004-10-28 04:21:49

tony blair said: vote for bush at 2004-10-31 08:29:17

derek said: Dear Mr. Blair,

Even though I am 1/2 British, you have no place spamming my site with your Rightie propaganda. Please take Eminem’s new video, MOSH to heart, and F-off.

Derek “50% Canadian” Martin at 2004-10-31 15:10:08

mom said: Ok, i’m in a huff! you respond to the likes of Tony Blair, but not your mom!!blah, now i know where i really stand. Woe is me! hugs at 2004-10-31 16:22:07

(James Cullin)[] said: Derek,

You’ve been quite busy lately?

Jimmy at 2004-11-01 00:13:00