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2004: Year in Review

Get back to me soon dude! Big news… HUGE!!! at 2004-12-31 12:08:43

James Trott (UK) said: Do you realise one year ago this very evening, we broke you beyond comprehension? I’m going to miss you this evening buddy!

mom said: I’d love to know how that went????? hugs at 2005-01-01 18:06:14

uncle charles said: first time ive wished you a good new year at 2005-01-01 19:35:38

(Ryan’s World)[] said: I had to come visit your site and say that you are now featured on my site (apologies first of all because after everything I learnt in your class I wimped out and did it on Frontpage anyway). I needed to do it quickly and writing from scratch with what I wanted to accomplish was taking too much time. at 2005-01-02 06:22:16