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Everyday Revolution

“I looked in it and found picture of my friend half naked without socks and shoes in the middle of Paris and knew, just knew HE STARTED REVOLUTION EVEN BEFORE HE WENT BACK TO CANADA.”

and those words make all the difference, don’t you think? Revolutions don’t require bold posters, and guns, and violence. The revolution that really matter happen every day. They may only affect singular individuals, but they make a very real difference in the world. Helping someone in need when you would normally keep right on walking IS revolutionary. It’s about breaking old habits (systems) and replacing them with better ones. ‘Better’ is not necessarily more productive/efficient/effective; but more compassionate/empathic/sympathetic. Viva la revolucion? Absolutely. So, what am I going to do in order to continue my “Everyday Revolution”? I’m going to re-committ myself to my priorities. It’s 2005 and I’m still grinding myself down with freelance work after my regular 9-5 shift. In 2001 I intended that to be “just temporary”. Well, now it’s time to stop. As soon as I wrap up the freelance work I’m still working on, weekends and after 5pm will be for ME, not work. I will be permanently out of the freelance business (except for a 2.5 hour per week gig that I have, which is low stress, good pay, and for very good people). Further, Sunday will be for me, alone. What do I mean? I mean I won’t be scheduling *anything* for Sundays except self-development. Sundays will be for meditation, reading, and perhaps ‘experiencing storytelling’ (whether spoken or through movies, music, & videogames). The key to being an everyday guerilla is to stop theorizing and start doing. The opposite of theory IS activism. If you want your life back, you might have to fight for it, but it’ll be worth it.

Comments from my old blog:

mom said: I think that when one is compassionate, empathetic, and sympathetic, it leads to being more productive, efficient, and effective. if you are needy the tasks you do may be for self gratification, but if you fill yourself up, with balance in your life, work, play and spirituality, your cup over flowith, so to speak, and are then able to give to others without it depleting yourself. If we could all do this i think there would be no need for the more constructed type of revolution. if someone is not happy with their life, it is up to them to change it, not change everyone around them to fit what they want. it has taken me a long time to learn that one. hugs, mom at 2005-01-03 04:38:14

uncle charles said: Revolution is easier to arrange from within a system.Your now in that system so use what it brings to advantage.Systems collapse because ordinary folk subvert it from within. at 2005-01-04 08:25:53

em said: hi d. yes, finally, i can see my name on your website.i’m so your friends can see that i really exist. he’ll put me in his friends gallery folks…u’ll see. and about revolution…activism d activism…that’s the only relevant, not word but acts…remember viva zapata…no passaran…salud…emma at 2005-01-04 22:54:52