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I Moved!

Who Has Trenchfoot?

The most painful thing was these damn wisdom teeth which are still hurting 10 days later…

It’ll come back quick you watch at 2005-05-11 16:17:55

Big Update

I was amused that you said: “the photo to the right is the inside of my computer” - So I immediately looked at the picture and decided… that’s one hell of a case mod… he’s got all his computer components looking exactly like a greasy spoon breakfast platter! Hmmmmm bacon… (I guess your images are on rotate - the one I happen to be looking at is a greasy breakfast and not a computer)

BTW - I was setting up my aggregator on my web site and your XML link at the bottom of your pages is wrong… well kind of… it says the link is - but that doesn’t work - because the page re-directs to your real feed - i.e.… Andyway… I’ve figured it out… and now you can read your site on my site :-)

You are in good company - the only other feed I have at the moment is I Cringely ( - and note that you are #1…

andre at 2005-05-19 04:08:17

Episode III

yeah. see it big screen. you’re only 2 blocks away from the theatre. at 2005-05-20 01:40:51

MPAA said: no, WE will sue you!! at 2005-05-20 03:30:21

Emily A said: Woweeee…. that’s pretty darn fast for someone to get a copy and have it out there on the web! Craziness. Here’s a website of an Ottawa film artist that I know …. some cool stuff and he does it all on REALLY low budgets - way to go. at 2005-05-20 05:18:05

Paint Store said: No, I will! at 2005-05-20 14:29:21

Boxing Action!

Tell Egerton I (Amy) say hi… … has he showed you his hilarious dance moves yet? That man’s got rhythm!!!

Amy at 2006-07-11 09:50:39

My Episode III Review

Don’t know if you caught my review - but you commented on the one scene that almost made soda shoot through my nose when I watched the film… i.e. the birth of Vadar… Fuck - that should have been the best scene in the film - but it was quite literally the worst scene in cinematic history… So bad its good (in a very ironic way)… so bad that I will be making fun of it for the rest of my life….


andre at 2005-05-22 18:32:55

tania said: Actually, I believe the dialogue was: “You’re so beautiful.” “It’s only because I’m so in love.” “No — it’s because I’m in love with you.” “Love has blinded you.”

(It’s equally stupid.)

I blame Hayden Christensen for much of the suckiness of the film. I think that a good actor (who can actually look mean and has more than one tone!) could’ve added some dignity to the crappy dialogue.

The last bit with the Darth Vader outfit was very cool. The volcanoe scenes were cool too. Apparently, that’s actually footage of Mt. Etna. at 2005-05-23 01:21:06

Darth Vader said: may the bank account be with you———-luc as at 2005-05-23 09:04:31

(BigDaddy)[] said: Episode III has simply convinced me that Lucas is a hack and lucked into the greatest film franchise in history. My daughter (who is almost 6) comes up with more convincing dialogue when she’s playing with her Barbies.

At least Ewan MacGregor played Obi Wan with some dignity… at 2005-05-24 04:03:14

Unc Charles said: seen some rubbish in my time but this latest lucas offering takes the biscuit.Ive hung up my light sabre and Im gonna go play with the good ole DARLEKS………..e x t e r m i n a t e……….. May the farce be with someone else. at 2005-05-25 08:46:41

Gmail, Boxing, AJAX, & Unicorns

i think i’m going to use winamp too. someone recommended it to me when i was bitching about itunes. at 2005-05-29 06:54:59

(andre)[] said: Yes, that is a killer T. at 2005-05-29 07:11:22

dad said: Derek…anything that brings a smile to peoples faces is ok with me and only certain people have that ability …t-shirt or not.They probably smiled at the content and your ability to wear it.I’m surprised no one inadvertently said …one hump or two…with your coffee lol. at 2005-05-30 16:17:34

Vlad said: indeed a 31337 t-shirt!

where did she buy it? i want one just to solicit comments :) at 2005-05-31 20:04:47

James Trott (UK) said: Hehehe Love the hair d-rock :) You look just like me, except slightly more derek, slightly less james :) see.. i Subconciously influenced your new hair style. at 2005-06-01 17:42:06

Gearboy said: Hey, here’s a link to go with your shirt: at 2005-06-22 22:14:47


(Charles: I’ve had the same problem intermittently with IE. If you click-drag over the text, it usually becomes visible when highlighted. Definitely annoying, and weird.) at 2005-06-09 21:05:05