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Big Update

I was amused that you said: “the photo to the right is the inside of my computer” - So I immediately looked at the picture and decided… that’s one hell of a case mod… he’s got all his computer components looking exactly like a greasy spoon breakfast platter! Hmmmmm bacon… (I guess your images are on rotate - the one I happen to be looking at is a greasy breakfast and not a computer)

BTW - I was setting up my aggregator on my web site and your XML link at the bottom of your pages is wrong… well kind of… it says the link is - but that doesn’t work - because the page re-directs to your real feed - i.e.… Andyway… I’ve figured it out… and now you can read your site on my site :-)

You are in good company - the only other feed I have at the moment is I Cringely ( - and note that you are #1…

andre at 2005-05-19 04:08:17