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Exopolitics Toronto

andre at 2005-10-03 03:04:46

Exopolitics Toronto: Summary

Richard Dolan Takeaways - Critical disconnect between official truth and actual truth - Secrecy re:UFOs has killed democracy because of he unaccountability & lack of truly free press that it requires to keep the secret. Lack of critical coverage of Iraq War proves that the media is owned (where are the WMD?) - NORAD is exempt of the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) - Ben Rich, CEO of Lockheed Skunkworks said: “We now know o wto travel to the stars, and it doesn’t take a lifetime to do it. There was an error in the equations, and we found it.” - Boeing has officially announced that they are working on anti-gravity - In 200 the Pentagon’s budget was $300M, but it spent 1.1 Trillion. When auditors asked where the other $800M came from, and where it went, Rumsfeld said “I’ll look into it”, and never got back to them. - Black budget is gotten illegally (drug trafficking, stock fraud, pillaging, etc). That’s how they hide it. It never existed, officially.

Stanton Friedman Takeaways - Nuclear physicist & original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident - Has never had a sighting. Bases his beliefs on hard evidence. - “Some UFOs are alien, but some are not” - Realized that Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14 had mis-represented its own statistics (See below) - The US Govt’s official position was that UFOs were not a threat, but in 1952 US Air Force pilots were ordered to shoot down UFOs. Which part is a lie? - US jets with experienced pilots *have* been shot down, disintegrated, and “disappeared” by UFOs when in pursuit of UFOs. - Ted Philips has thousands of physical samples from tens of countries, taken from sites where UFOs had come in close contact with the ground/nature. They show definite molecular alteration of the materials that had been in contact. This is science, not conjecture. - Friedman’s Law: Technological Progress comes from doing things differently, in an unpredictable way. - Totally silent electromagnetic submarines with no moving parts exist. They work only in salt water. Search “magneto-aerodynamics”.

Paul Hellyer Takeaways - A friend who is a retired US General told me “Every word of Corso’s book is true, and more” - StarWars/SDI/Missile Shield is for anti-UFO - Bush’s proposed moon base is a ‘forward’ base in the government’s hidden conflict with ETs. It will allow them to better observe the earth, and its visitors - Particle Guns, which are in existence, disrupt UFOs naviagational systems - **Is it wise to spend so much time and $ clearing the skies of UFOs? Why do we want to? What have they done to us? - Are they really enemies, or legitimate explorers [who may not understand human morals/ethics] - Why are we spending more on perceived threats (UFOs) than we are on actual dangers, such as starvation, malnutrition, etc?

Stephen Bassett Takeaways - The only ET lobbyist in the US - Trying to save the US from itself - Founder of Paradigm Research Group - Political activism in service to the politics of disclosure - If congress won’t do its job (forcing disclosure by military units), the people will - UFO Era RIP 1947-1991 - Theh UFO term absorbed much abuse - The reality of the ET presence has been *proven* 100 times over in the 44 years since Roswell - In 1991 the Cold War ended, having cost about $18 Trillion. Russia de-targeted the USA. For the first time since the end of the second world war, people felt safe. The nuclear threat was over - The UFO Truth Embargo fell apart because they no longer felt they had to hide the tdetails from Russia and the world. Whole new ballgame. Sighting reports started coming out of the woodwork. - The Department of Homeland Security’s current ‘threat alert level’ colour coding system is not new idea. It harkens back to The Doomsday Clock. Midnight was total destruction. So they constantly moved the hands on the clock closer to, further from midnight based on the perceived threat level. - Terminological Evolution:Politics of UFOs => Politics of Disclosure => Exopolitics - Disclosure: the formal acknowledgement by governments of the ET presence engaging the human race and the planet earth. - When will the disclosure event happen? It is coming. It will be THE most profound secular event in human history. - Era of Exopolitics 1991-???? - Term coined by Alfred L. Webre, JD - Secret Empire - the sum total of the intelligence complex in the USA including related corporations, peope, documents, classified programs, above board $, and black budget money. Bigger than the Roman Empire. Not a single elected person anywhere. The torch gets passed on. There are no checks and balances, and no accountability. There is no external oversight. It can start any war, take out any nation. Do whatever it wants. - Secret Empire means The People can NOT trust their government. - Post WWII US Gov’t had 90% trust - US Gov’t Circ a 1980 had 20% trust - The Senate, The President, and The Press are supposed to force checks & balances on The State. They can’t check what they don’t know about, or what they’re not allowed to check. - The Press Room is IN the White House NOT for convenience, but SO THAT unwanted press can be denied access or thrown out. That’s why it’s not in a public space. - NASA’s Dilemma - It took us 8 years to get to the moon the first time, with the computing power of less than a single 386 computer. - It’s going to take us 13 years to get back by 2018, given much more power & technology. Why? - NASA has been fully compromisd. They have no power. All data generated by NASA must now be released through Dept of Defense. - This means that any startling discoveries get hushed, making it very difficult for NASA to gain the funding it needs. - As Ben Rich of Lockheed said, we have the technology to easily send people out into space, but it would end the Truth Embargo and the government’s control. - Rockefeller Initiative - Lawrence Rockefeller approached Clinton to get him to be THE disclosure President - Shortly after this Bill came under attack re: financial scandal and Lewinsky, the same way they attacked Carter, who also wanted to reveal UFO info. - Sci-Fi Channel launched the “Coalition for Freedom of Information” campaign and got Clinton’s Security Advisor to be their spokesperson. He wants disclosure! - Spokesperson went on to found “Centre for American Progression”, funded by George Soros, a billionaire (7.2B) who wants an Open Government. The interest on his money has the potential to end the Truth Embargo. - Paul Allen is the 3rd richest man in the world with $22.5 Billion, an dhe is funding SETI and a telescope array. - The Most Difficult Political Issue in History: Abduction - 8% of every audience claims direct contact. That is a HIGH number. - Hybrids made with our DNA *against* our will - Most abductions are alien, some are military (for disinformation). Some are violent. - The current centre of Government/ET activity is in West Virginia - Write to your MP asking for whatever info the can find on Canada’s position on and knowledge of UFOs/ETs

Books Mentioned: - UFOs and the National Security State Vol. 1 - by Richard Dolan - Body of Secrets - James Bamford - Catherine Austin Fitts - has dirt on the US Gov’t - Underground & Under Sea Bases - Dr. Richard Sauder - The Zeta Reticuli Incident - by Terrence Dickinson - An excellent book about our neighbourhood - The Day After Roswell - Corso ***Important book called “true” by a US General - The Bible of UFOs

Names Mentioned - Arthur Bray (Brae?) - Canadian UFO reseaarcher - Leonard Stringfield - acquired ET technology & bodies - Betty & Barney Hill - drew an accurate star map before humanity had one. Supposedly maps trade routes for beings from Zeta Reticuli, a system similar to our own, only 39 lightyears away, and 1 Billion years older than our sun. - Sat beside David Findley/lay - an independent researcher - Exopolitics Institute - created by Michael E. Salla - Grant Cameron - Canadian, leading researcher on US Presients, UFOs, and ETs

Events / Projects - The Robertson Panel, 1953 - 1956 Air Force Documentary - very cool true film BY the air force about UFOs. Originals held by Title Insurance and Trust Company, LA - Project Blue Book Special eport Number 14, 3rd Edition, July 1966 It said 21.5% of reports were of UNKNOWN origin! Also, it said that *excellent* observers, not poor ones, were the sources of most of the UNKNOWN reports. - Magneto-aerodynamics (Electro-magnetic/ionizing submarine. Probably also applies to Lifters?)

Comments from my old blog:

mom said: very cool / not surprising, but i do hope you keep your day job for a while. hugs at 2005-09-27 00:27:12

BigDaddy71 said: Holy moley Derek…I think your tinfoil hat is on a little tight. I will say this: show me indisputable proof of extraterrestrial contact with humanity and I will believe in it. It’s all heresay and people’s desire for proof that humanity is not alone in the universe.

All I ever hear is that somehow all this evidence is being suppressed, so no-one has any direct proof. Gee, isn’t that convenient for the pro-UFO people. The best lies are the ones nobody can disprove. at 2005-09-27 04:20:38

u.c. said: The biggest secret in the world lies in a deep hole the size of several football pitches outside Mosul,Iraq.Been there since early eighties.US and UK bankrolled and armed Saddam for years to control this site.UK and US people have been on this site for years.Saddam kicked them out and hey presto we invade Iraq.Oil and wmds make a good cover story.I know for sure something is there.ET or not,its something worth covering up. p.s. my mum(your granny) was an active member of Opus Dei. at 2005-09-27 07:47:21

mom said: the info about opus del is not very flattering, strange, how was she involved? can’t quite imagine. I believe to a degree, but i think Big Daddy has some valid points. hugs at 2005-09-27 11:51:54

dad said: As Budha said…believe nothing you see,read,or hear ,even if i said it unless it agrees with your own values and common sense.

Having said that…I have seen a ufo close up and have an open mind about the possibilities of et’s existing but i’m not about to quit my day job to investigate further…ummm,i forgot ,i don’t have a day job anymore,lol.However, passion for something sometimes overules common sense as we know it and maybe that’s what it takes to uncover hidden truths.Once, the world was perceived as being flat and common sense,at the time, said one would fall off if one went to far ,lol. at 2005-09-27 15:17:35

“The Girl” said: Its an unbearable act (almost) for humans to believe in something that is not tangible. At the same time there is a contradiction to that statement because one of the most powerful influences in peoples lives is intangible, and that it be the belief in a God. There is a whole empire that has been built for thousands of years on the assumption that there is a God that does exist. Instead of creating false truths, we the people have created more religions to prove that this theory does exist, with no actual physical evidence that this does. Billlions, maybe even trillions of dollars have been generated on this belief, while billions or trillions of dollars have been used to cover up the exact notion that there is something else that does exisit besides ourselves, and that it be ET’s and/or UFO’s; We live in our own contradiction. It would be purely ignorant of us as humans to believe that we are the only species to exisit in this entire galaxy. Question: Why is there so much time, energy and money spent on trying to cover up something that supposedly does not exisit? I can go on for hours about theories and such, i’ve probably written to much already. Derek I can’t wait to see your new books and look over them with you. By the way………..hello :) at 2005-09-27 18:24:26

u.c. said: at 2005-09-27 19:38:47

u.c. said: reference to OPUS DEI .Mum was fervent in her beliefs in Catholicism and was a member of many organisations related to her faith including Opus Dei.Its how you know this society for real and not by the recent novel (story) as to how my reference is judged.Certainly not uncomplimentary in reality,she was a woman of great integrity and would not ally herself with the organisation the way it is being described,however it makes for a good book and a very good read all the same. at 2005-09-27 19:47:29

u.c. said: p.s. theres loadsa loot to be made in conspiracy theories but id keep the day job as well.(24 hours in a day),quit sleeping its wastefull! at 2005-09-27 19:56:11

mom said: thanks for clearing that up UC, it through me for a sec. What i read was the negative side of it, and that was not who i knew. Hugs to you too. at 2005-09-28 04:07:42

u.c. said: check out interesting website. Gets better….where Dad grew up in Sussex(Shipley) after the family farm moved down from Scotland via 2 chartered trains they went to the local Church———-a Knights Templar one which is to this day a centre for Templar activity. at 2005-09-28 07:23:46

(andre)[] said: magneto-aerodynamics? Wouldn’t that be magneto-hydrodynamics?

8% of audiences believe they’ve made contact - that number isn’t high at all - that mean 8% of the 0.001% of the general population that attend these things beleives. Sounds just about right.

Well D - this is one area where we are not at all alike. I don’t not believe - but that’s not the same as I believe all this stuff. What I do believe is that none of the information is independently varifiable - and if there is a conspiracy - the primary goal of the conspiracy will be to mis-inform - therefore it will always be impossible to seperate the wheat from the chaff. I mean if I were cough involved in the conspiracy myself I’d make sure that 90% of the information that ‘got out’ was a lie - so anyone looking into things would be wasting at least 90% of their energy - and would never know if they found something real.


p.s. I saw Elvis yesterday - and he’s looking surprisingly fit. He said if you played his records backwards (the original sun pressings) you’d find many answers to some of these questions. at 2005-10-03 03:39:12

Uh Ohh!

Dear CTChorus,

I was tempted to hit “Reply All” and send this to everyone, but I didn’t. I am an anti-censorship, free-speech advocate. I’m totally against censoring or altering any original lyrics in any way whatsoever. The lyrics, as written, provide a context for the song. They evoke certain feelings, and qualities, that would not and cannot be created by other lyrics. The words that were NOT used in a song, say as much about it as the words that were used. While we would be servicing most interest groups by altering the lyrics, we would essentially be raping the pieces. I use that specific word both because it accurately describes the process, and because I didn’t want to use the word “destroying”. Destroying wouldn’t have the same affect, and it’s not what I meant. If we’re going to sing “Waltzing Mathilda” or the sing-along from two weeks ago in which we changed “With his hands” to “All our hands”, I strongly believe that we should leave the original lyrics in tact, and adopt a policy of notifying the audience that while we don’t agree with the wording of the song, we do agree with the sentiment at its heart. If this can’t be done with “Waltzing Mathilda” because it’s already been burned to our practice CDs, then I suggest we drop the song altogether. This is a serious issue, and one that is making me contemplate quitting the chorus, even though it is probably “The Most Fun You Can Have, On a Wednesday Night”.


Derek Martin, Tenor Section at 2005-09-29 16:16:55

CTChorus said: Dear Derek, I am unable to respond to your email due to your use of the word “rape”. Please substitute it with “Intercourse with one or more unwilling participants”. Also please substitute the word “disagree” with “agree”. When you have removed the offending words and phrases and re-sent the message we will then respond to your query.


CTChorus at 2005-09-29 16:35:45

(Richard)[] said: If I was in your position, I would make my feelings very clear (which you have done) but I wouldn’t walk away. Stand up for your cause if you really feel strong about it. Now if you feel that you are alone in this and this continues to happen on a regularly basis, I think quitting would be an alternative since you don’t want to be in an organisation that has such different opinions than you.

PS About Windows vs Ajax. I just can’t see this happening very soon. I don’t want to rely on the web to do my work. I want to see that application on my hard disk and not be dependent on a web connection and availability of another vendor. Besides that, organisations don’t want to go external web sites where they key in their data. I think that we might see MS come up with a Ajax based MS office application that can be installed on a web server within an organisation but they have tried similar things in the past and they were not succesful.

My 2 times 2 cents ;) at 2005-09-29 17:17:33

dad said: Unbelievable!..our ( i sang in a chorus,bass.) meistro broke away from the original orchestra and chorus for similar reasons,classical is classical and should not be adulterated he said.The original chorus and orchestra was chopping up pieces.Stan said,” enough”,all or nothing…sooo we started our own orchestra and chorus to present pure classical as it was written.Politics has no business in the arts.Expression no matter how politically incorrect is what freedom is all about. at 2005-09-29 19:43:13

dad said: maestro that is. at 2005-09-29 19:44:02

u.c. said: Now I know for sure that the world has gone totally nuts.I wonder what the arranger would do with that Rolf Harris song “Two Little Boys” at 2005-09-29 19:56:20

mom said: richard was saying that if he were right, then we shouldn’t have movies about slavery, its politically incorrect. would he want you to pretend that didn’t happen. i think that would be politically incorrect! at 2005-09-30 03:44:18

(Richard)[] said: You are going to like this one;

Microsoft Office 13 is going to be web based? at 2005-10-28 20:32:51

Zend Certified!

andre at 2005-10-03 03:54:51