I'm a father, manager, programmer, scrum master, geek, & movie lover.

Job 2.0

Shame we won’t be doing it together any more though. at 2005-12-12 17:00:42

Janice said: Wow, that’s awesome Derek! Congratulations. What a great Christmas present! at 2005-12-12 17:19:22

Dan said: Dude, you are kicking all kinds of ass. Congratulations! at 2005-12-12 18:34:48

(JB)[] said: Congrats dude!!! I knew you didn’t have the heart of a hacker….. on the other hand I can stop focusing on your bugs and start worrying about mine :) at 2005-12-12 22:43:19

dad said: Thats ah ma boy!!..congratulations…son at 2005-12-13 06:11:08

u.c. said: Fantastic news,jolly well done,youve earnt your spurs,now fly….. Never made Ireland,fogged in,missed the wedding. Taurus is ascendent in 2006,stand by for blast off. at 2005-12-13 07:58:58

James Trott (UK) said: Once again… Congratulations dude, you went offline pretty sharpish yesterday, but I wanted to say, ever since meeting you in TIG you have been THE definitive “Ideas Man” in my mind. You were only ever a programmer all the time you had to realise your own ideas, now people will help you realise them with their expertise and let you focus on those awesome and inspiring creations you come up with.

You’ve always been an amazing guy, i remember a picture of you from somewhere with a picture of a distributed network, and i remember talking tech over new year a while ago and really getting my enthusiasm for programming back after my stint in the army, and a crummy coding job. I think you’re now in totally the right place, doing totally the right thing, without people like you we wouldnt have electric light, flight, the internet… I’ll be keeping an eye out for Derek Martin’s contribution to the world :) at 2005-12-13 10:07:45

mom said: brilliant, fantastic, the main reason i think people don’t like change, is because they are worried they will loose something not gain it. it is up to the person , to stay consistent in themselves, and you have not had a problem with that. i think they, friends and co-workers will find you are the same Derek and all will be well. not to say there won’t be someone with an ” issue ” but it will be there issue and eventually they will see the whole picture. hopefully. Congrats, its such great news at 2005-12-13 12:24:06