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Sad Internet

alert(‘The Internet Wants To Be Free!!!’) at 2006-02-08 21:53:36

(andre)[] said: I thought I’d share another link about the tripple dipping double teired internet you speak of…

He Cringely points out why US congress is completely daft.

andre at 2006-02-14 01:01:41

BigDaddy71 said: I have several complaints about Derek’s website I wish to address here.

I just want to say one thing: Evil individuals are acting in concert with other evil individuals for an evil purpose. The rest of this letter is focused exclusively on Mr. Derek Martin, not because I harbor any ill-will towards him but because he likes to launch into nonsensical non sequiturs. Derek’s cult followers probably don’t realize that, because it’s not mentioned in the funny papers or in the movies. Nevertheless, if my memory serves me correctly, he parrots whatever ideas are fashionable at the moment. When the fashions change, his ideas will change instantly, like a weathercock. Derek is obviously trying to violate strongly held principles regarding deferral of current satisfaction for long-term gains, and unless we act now, he’ll undeniably succeed. He plans to declare a national emergency, round up everyone who disagrees with him, and put them in concentration camps. He has instructed his devotees not to discuss this or even admit to his plan’s existence. Obviously, Derek knows he has something to hide.

If we look beyond Derek’s delusions of grandeur, we see that I didn’t want to talk about this. I really didn’t. But he will stop at nothing to undermine liberty in the name of liberty. This may sound outrageous, but if it were fiction I would have thought of something more credible. As it stands, I do not appreciate being labeled. No one does. Nevertheless, if I try really, really hard, I can almost see why Derek would want to challenge all I stand for. While I can’t speak for anyone else, I feel that Derek knows that performing an occasional act of charity will make some people forgive — or at least overlook — all of his distasteful excesses. My take on the matter is that he wants us to believe that we can solve all of our problems by giving him lots of money. We might as well toss that money down a well, because we’ll never see it again. What we will see, however, is that I don’t know which are worse, right-wing tyrants or left-wing tyrants. But I do know that Derek’s beliefs (as I would certainly not call them logically reasoned arguments) reek of revisionism. I use the word “reek” because Derek is unquestionably failing in his legal and moral responsibility not to cripple his enemies politically, economically, socially, morally, and psychologically. As an interesting experiment, try to point this out to Derek. (You might want to don safety equipment first.) I think you’ll find that most people don’t realize that he has already revealed his plans to exhibit a deep disdain for all people who are not unconscionable derelicts. He revealed these plans in a manifesto bearing all of the hallmarks of having been written by a froward dolt. Not only is his manifesto entirely lacking in logic, relentlessly subjective, and thoroughly anecdotal, but I myself have never been in favor of being gratuitously anti-democratic. I have also never been in favor of sticking my head in the sand or of refusing to stick to the facts and offer only those arguments that can be supported by those facts. In the past, I’ve said that careerism is an inherently oppressive ideology. Were I to make such a generalization today, it would contain a few “weasel words” — an escape hatch or that indispensable cliche that Derek will stop at nothing to get his way. But because Derek should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery, specifically, his ego, I am not ready to retract my conviction or to recant error.

If Derek’s plan to advocate his sound bites amid a hue and cry as stultiloquent as it is asinine is to be discouraged then the wisest course of action is to ensure that we survive and emerge triumphant out of the coming chaos and destruction. Before we start down that road I ought to remind you that we have a dilemma of leviathan proportions on our hands: Should we redefine in practical terms the immutable ideals that have guided us from the beginning, or is it sufficient to view the realms of extremism and frotteurism not as two opposing poles, but as two continua? Well, I’m sure Derek would rather represent a threat to all the people in the area, indeed, possibly the world, than answer that particular question. A record of his acts of hypocrisy would fill volumes, but what makes matters utterly intolerable is knowing that his factotums think that we can change the truth if we don’t like it the way it is. This is precisely the non-equation that Derek is trying to patch together. What he’s missing, as usual, is that ancient Greek dramatists discerned a peculiar virtue in being tragic. Derek would do well to realize that they never discerned any virtue in being chthonic. I am not in any way placing the blame on him for untoward bureaucrats who violate his pledge not to enable scurrilous cockalorums to punch above their weight. That notwithstanding, he is still culpable for plotting to make things worse.

In a tacit concession of defeat, Derek is now openly calling for the abridgment of various freedoms to accomplish coercively what his unholy views have failed at. Having no desire to belabor this subject, I’ll just say that if a cogent, logical argument entered his brain, no doubt a concussion would result. Derek loves getting up in front of people and telling them that society is screaming for his remonstrations. He then boasts about how he’ll resort to ad hominem attacks on me and my family by the end of the decade. It’s all part of the media spectacle that is Derek Martin. Of course, he soaks it up and wallows in it like a pig in mud. Speaking of pigs and mud, if Derek bites me, I will certainly bite back.

If Derek thinks that he can make me feel disconnected from reality, then he’s barking up the wrong tree. It may seem senseless to say that he should step down from his gilded pedestal. Nevertheless, the position can be defended. It is imperative that all of us in this community tell you things that he doesn’t want you to know. This cannot occur unless there is a true spirit of respect and an appreciation of differences. I overheard one of Derek’s sycophants say, “We have too much freedom.” This quotation demonstrates the power of language, as it epitomizes the “us/them” dichotomy within hegemonic discourse. As for me, I prefer to use language to take the initiative to fight for our freedom of speech. The take-away message of this letter is that Mr. Derek Martin’s hypocrisy comes out when he denies that he surrounds himself with selfish profiteers. Think about it. I don’t want to have to write another letter a few years from now, in the wake of a society torn apart by Derek’s wicked hypnopompic insights, reminding you that you were warned. at 2006-02-17 16:57:32

u.c. said: Me thinks you got the wrong Derek mate!!!! Nonetheless great use of the English language,you should write a book…….oops you already have. at 2006-02-18 16:36:31

dad said: Hmmmm,when does a complaint become a diatribe?surely,when evil lurks in the minds of those that read too much into social intercourse.Methinks a larger ego is at work here.Truly knowing the person from whom the words come has a great effect on how one weights those words,ie,innocent verbiage or evil intent.We’re just talking here folks! at 2006-02-19 15:53:49

kevin said: Did someone say cult? where can I sign up? :D And I’ll take 3 of those manifesto thingies too :) at 2006-02-20 01:10:21

mom said: good one! at 2006-02-20 04:28:58

BigDaddy71 said: I wish I could take credit for all that output, but it was courtesy this page where it can create a huge amount of verbiose garbage. at 2006-02-20 16:40:29

u.c. said: Amazed,I thought only governments could generate huge amounts of verbiose garbage.Is Scott Pakin running for office?Oh well off to the opticians as I wore my glasses out last night watching the Olympic Ice Dance. at 2006-02-21 08:30:39

dad said: lol,it reads even better with Bush’s name interspersed in the diatribe and then it definately makes sense.”Evil doers doing evil”being Bush’s favourite quote. at 2006-02-21 17:31:56