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Two of Hearts

New Site?

by the way, do u have rss syndication for ur blog? that will allow me to follow ur posts more readily at 2006-05-11 19:11:37

mom said: i really like the part about you updating more frequently! miss it when you don’t. hugs at 2006-05-12 01:47:34

Wii Surprises Ahead?

I just hope that if this new style of gameplay takes off the other two consoles won’t just copy it by bringing out other “spacial controlers” Home Nintento has mad pattents. at 2006-05-15 14:08:40

BigDaddy said: Ah yes, the spammers still find a way to post. Get crackin’ on that anti-spam stuff we talked about via IM last week…personally, banning comments is the only way to prevent comment spam (but perhaps that is too draconian) at 2006-05-15 16:07:25

mom said: some people just have nothing better to do than be a pain in the ass, obviously they are glass half empty people not ones that see it as half full. if they did, they would be doing something productive with their life, not to mention how juvenile they are to take up their own time and yours with inconsequential garbage. get a life! at 2006-05-15 16:26:10

derek said: They’re not “people” at all, actually. It’s software that’s programmed to post spam. That’s how it can be so persistent. Bahhh. at 2006-05-15 18:27:40

Free Long Distance!

Skype Me

PS My last posting was also called “Skype me” :) at 2006-05-19 13:50:11

derek said: The phone is an SE-P4K, and although it doesn’t officially have OSX drivers, there is a beta of SkypeMate that appears to connect it to Skype just fine :) It’s a big shiny desktop speakerphone, and it was $49 bucks at, on College Street. If you want something a little more portable, try this cellular-esque little jobbie :) at 2006-05-19 14:31:47

(Richard)[] said: Thanks for the info. I initially thought that it would work without being plugged into the laptop. I know those ‘cell phones’ are coming out but they are quite pricey. Those things will be great since it’s not difficult to pick up an unsecured wireless network nowadays. at 2006-05-19 16:34:43

Vlad said: I get 0 spam with the following tool: (click the box example)

Put it instead of “submit comment” and you’re all set; can’t get easier than that. at 2006-05-22 16:17:19

Vlad said: VoIPBuster has been offering free calls over the world (with some resitrictions) for some time now.

I never understood the hype over skype.

For long distance, I use (no s/w installation, no broadband connection). Amazing service.

Here’s an interesting comparison:—-comparison-skype-vs-gizmo-vs-jajah.htm/ at 2006-05-22 17:11:23

u.c. said: Went to see the DaVinci Code yesterday,thought it lacked pace compared to the book nonetheless expecting a visit from the Spanish Inquisition at any moment- at 2006-05-25 07:17:30

Vlad said: what a waste of time that movie was. at 2006-05-25 15:59:00