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I have some predictions about the Wii. Some people have moaned about the bit of lag the wiimote controllers have. Others have whined about the tinny sound of their built-in speakers. Still others begrudge Nintendo for not using built-in rechargeable batteries & dock. I’m betting that this was done intentionally. As you all know, the price of the console is low. At $250 USD, Nintendo is making $92 per console, based on price cost estimates. That price is expected to drop to $200 in Q1 2007… which means the profit per console also drops to $42. How better to keep profits high than to release a “must have” peripheral? I believe Nintendo will release an “Improved Controller” that includes not only rechargeable batteries, a charging dock, a better speaker, and lower latency, but also a built-in microphone. Now, WiiConnect24, Nintendo’s online service for the Wii also launches in Q1 2007. It will let people play games against one another. Yay. Xbox live has been doing that for a while, and so does Sony’s online service… Here’s where Wii is different though. It keeps things very simple with its concept of “channels”. We know there will be a web browser channel launching on December 23rd. I bet we see a new blackberry-like wireless keyboard to accompany it. By making the controllers completely wireless, Nintendo eschewed all sorts of cable-related issues. Anyway, I’m willing to bet on the launch of 2 more channels. You’ll have to pay for each one, but it will be well worth it. Channel 1: DivX Player. You’ll be able to copy any mpeg4, avi, or divx file to an SD card, a disc, or to a shared network folder, and play it on the Wii. Millions of new Wii owners would gladly pay $20 for such a feature. Channel 2: Skype. Wii is online 24/7, and if the controllers had built-in microphones, this would make a LOT of sense. Nintendo could become a huge reseller of SkypeOut overnight, thus subverting a large chunk of the phone system (well, 1.7 million users so far). The Wii has USB ports. Adding a webcam would be easy. The sale of a Wii-based video conferencing system could come at any time. Channels let Nintendo upgrade the Wii whenever they want. They can charge you for each upgrade, because your’e “getting a channel”, not an update/fix. Coupled with the virtual console, Nintendo has loooads of revenue streams built into the Wii. We’re just beginning to see their genius. A Note on PricingThe low price of the Wii is deceiving. Microsoft started out losing $150 on every xBox 360 sold (sells for $399, costs $550 to make). Sony is losing $241 on every PS3 sold (sells for $599, costs $840 to make). They don’t expect to start earning profit on the consoles in 2008, when the cost of the hardware in them has dropped considerably, and economies of scale kick in. In the meantime, they make their money from licensing fees and overpriced games. Sure, the Wii costs a good $150 less than any other “next gen” console, but it’s also *making* $100 per console from the get-go!! Add to that the fact that everyone who buys a Wii also buys an extra controller for $50, and they’re making even more. Add on some game sales, licensing, Virtual-console revenue, Channel revenue, and perhaps some revenue from selling ‘skype minutes’, and wow.

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I like Consolewatch too…gonna keep an eye on that in the New Year for when I’m ready to get my Wii at 2006-12-19 03:36:02