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iPhone - Best Is Yet to Come

Regarding the iPod capacities, it’s going to be interesting if people will use see the iPhone as their primary iPod. Personally I see it as a phone that can play some movies and music. Not more than that. I can’t see the iPhone replacing the current iPods out there. They will need to come up with iPhone without the phone part, which is something that I expect that will be announced once the iPhone has been out there.

How much they will use the iPod functions (and the computer functions) will largely depend on the battery life I believe. Nobody wants to recharge their phone every 3-5 hours.

I still think that the iPhone can be a big hit but that it also has the potential to become a dissapointment.

PS I was disappointment that they didn’t announce a SDK for the iPhone but rely on web apps. First I think it would have been a huge opportunity to create more interest in developing apps for OSX. And secondly I am a big fan of having an app on my machine instead of relying on a web connection to do my work. Using AJAX apps is a nice feature but at the same time it means that you can let the users of the other phone companies use the same apps. at 2007-06-12 11:26:40

derek said: Hey Richard - I totally agree with you. Synch simplicity is key. So is battery life. So is the usability of the virtual keyboard… and yes, perhaps the best thing that’ll come of it is scaring the other phone companies into developing decent software. As for the SDK — I don’t need a full SDK per-se, but I would have liked a document/website detailing the iPhone’s API, so that I really can launch an app for iPhone on June 29th. I think relying on web-apps is fine if they provide some way to cache data locally, like a per-application chunk of disk space, AND if they find a way to launch these apps fullscreen without the Safari chrome. I’d be totally fine with that. I know some people are already writing client-side-only javascript & flash apps that can synch whenever you go online — this will just push that technology to the forefront a bit quicker. Lastly, most other phones don’t run a real web-browser like Safari. I don’t know of one (aside from ultra-mobile PCs) that supports AJAX requests and the full gamut of javascript — so the iPhone apps are safe for a while in that regard. They probably don’t care about being the only place to run these apps anyway — they just want to be the best place to run them (same strategy with OSX versus Windows). at 2007-06-13 00:12:59

Dinko said: Other view of apple and iphone regarding apple stock. at 2007-06-13 18:24:42

(BigDaddy71)[] said: Don’t too Apple Fanboy on us here Derek. I want apps that will run on the iPhone, not sit on the web. C’mon Steve, that’s lame. It’s so corporate. at 2007-06-15 17:46:08

Richard said: Well the battery life is better than they initially announced and I finally saw the first iPhone ad and it did look impressive. So it will be interesting to see how it is going to work out for them.

Having said that, I definitely won’t buy the iPhone. I am not a big fan of cell phones so I only use mine for emergencies. So in other words, it’s cheap :) Which is also why I am probably more interested in the iPhone minus the phone capabilties. at 2007-06-19 18:17:45

(cK)[] said: Wait until they integrate GPS. Imagine standing outside of a Loblaws and auto-downloading coupons and finding out what they have the best deals on. Sitting in traffic and your iPhone suggests a route with lower congestion. The possibilities are endless. at 2007-07-19 14:31:58