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Doctors, Ouch

plus, so relieved to hear that your mom, sister and granny are well.

hugs! -t at 2007-08-18 10:14:03

u.c. said: Item Pleased about the first,concerned about the second,not surprised by the third and the fourth was a no brainer as to what you would choose. Think positive and all will be well. Now polish up those running shoes(that streamlining hat isnt going to help much) at 2007-08-22 04:48:02

James Trott (UK) said: Thats some heavy news to get Derek! Im sorry to hear about your discovery, and pleased for pretty much all the rest of your news, fingers crossed for ya that you’re in the first 50%, if that doesnt work out and you DO end up needing a kidney, drop me an email, i’d fly over and get tested. at 2007-08-26 23:03:56

mom said: wow! at 2007-08-27 23:22:58