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A New Car!

Why not get a new car? - This way, we have no loans or monthly payments. - They don’t make’em like they used to. - New cars are too good on gas. Being from Petrolia, I need to support the oil industry!

Yep, we’re pretty excited :)

Comments from my old blog:

juan said: I don’t know much about women, but I’m sure they don’t like telling you their age. … especially over the internet :)

lol @ supporting the oil industry at 2008-08-21 12:13:01

(Ryan Waddell)[] said: Oh man… 1989 Volvo! Sweet! I think my great-aunt had one of those… all I remember about it is the headrests.

I was going to ask how you knew that it was all highway kilometers (EVERYBODY always says that it’s all highway kilometers when selling their car), but since your dad knows the driver, that makes sense. 260k is actually pretty low for an 89 though - that’s less than 14k per year! My buddy’s 2002 Golf has more than that! :) at 2008-08-28 17:03:14

u.c. said: Used to have a Volvo 240 GL ,740GL just new body shape designed originally for North American Market. Best car Ive ever had.Loved it and best of all converts into an Abrahms Tank in just under 5 minutes.Watch it on snow, needs more weight on rear or 4 people up.A 50kg bag of cement in boot up against rear seats does the trick . 260000, just nicely run in. Enjoy!! at 2008-09-02 16:32:02

anna said: that’s pretty sweet sounding. Ian’s parents have an ‘86 Ford Victoria station wagon which we lovingly call “the Love Boat” - are you going to nickname the volvo? :) at 2008-09-08 00:30:37