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What Is “Occult”?

and has come to refer to: - the knowledge of the hidden - the mysterious - things having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence - things beyond ordinary understanding - things difficult to see or know - the secret learning of the ancients

This word is also often used in reference to secret societies, cover-ups, conspiracies, and various faiths/religions/belief systems. Depending on how you know me (if at all) you might not know that this is one of my two favourite areas of interest (the other being the paranormal). This blog will contain all manner of thoughts pertaining to the occult, esoterica, paranormal, UFOs, cryptozoology, conspiracy, cover-up, etc. If you’ve ever looked at my YouTube favourites, it’s easy to see that’s what I spend most of my time thinking about. So, to start things off, how about that satellite collision a few weeks back? Pretty unfortunate loss of technology, eh? Or was it? At least one Russian General is saying that the satellite collision was a U.S. plot ! A plot? To do what? Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Leonid Shershnev believes it was not a collision at all, but a test of the US’s new space-based weapon, designed to “monitor and inspect orbital spacecraft by fully-automated satellites equipped with robotic devices”, and that the “U.S. may now be capable of manipulating ‘hostile satellites’ including their destruction, with a single command from a ground control center.”You’ll be seeing me use a few words from here on out, so I might as well define them now: - Mundane: the opposite of ‘occult’. Practically synonymous with “apparent” and “obvious”. - PRS (Problem Reaction Solution): a simple (but popular) mechanism for mind control. I don’t mean “evil looking magician/wizard” mind control; just a no-nonsense way for “Them” to get you on their side, and thinking along the same lines.

How does Problem Reaction Solution work? As David Icke would say, 1. First you create the problem 2. You then report the problem to the media in the way that you want it reported 3. Then you get the public to react to your problem by saying: “Something must be done; this can’t go on. What are THEY going to do about it?” (Remember “they” are the people who created the problem) 4. You offer your original plan as the solution to the problem, and the public demands that you take action immediately.

This is also known as the Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm (The Hegelian Dialectic), and to put it more succinctly: 1. The government creates or exploits a problem, blaming it on others 2. The people react by asking the government for help, and are willing to give up their rights 3. The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis occurred

Real Life Example of Problem Reaction Solution1. Your country wants more oil for less money, but the countries that have it want to raise prices instead (i.e. they want to charge a fair price, or at the very least they want to charge you the same they charge the rest of the world). This oil shortage is costing your country billions of dollars a year, and the oil producing nations won’t budge on price, but the public won’t approve attacking a foreign nation just to get cheaper oil. 2. Time to create the problem: you make some fake passports identifying citizens of the oil producing country, and you put them in a plane. You then fly that plane into a national monument, killing several thousand people, and destroying the monument. This plan only takes a few million dollars to pull off. Maybe even less. Now you report the problem: People from country X did this to us! They are terrorists, and their nation is letting them get away with it. 3. Reaction: The public is outraged and incensed, and demands retaliation for the loss of their families, and the attack on their freedom. 4. Solution: “If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists.” CountryX won’t kill their own citizens, so they are branded a terrorist country, and they deserve to be overthrown. We go in and overthrow them. In order to prevent the terrorists from doing something horrific like blowing up their own country’s oil pipelines, we station our troops around them 24/7. We become the interim government, and create & sign contracts to provide our own country with cheap oil for the forseeable future. 5. The original *real* problem (expensive oil) is solved. The public demanded that you attack the foreign country. They thought the attack was about terrorism, when it was really about oil. Who is the real terrorist in this scenario? That’s right — we are. Not “Them”.

I didn’t make this up; it has been in use since at least 284 A.D., by The Roman Emperor Diocletian. THIS is what I’m talking about when I say “hidden knowledge”, and “occult”. I was a bit of an activist in University, but I only really got upset when people in positions of power mis-used their authority. Turns out that’s happening all around us, all the time. Anyway, back to the satellite collision… Can we really believe that it was just an accident?NASA tracks ALL objects in space in real-time!Could they not have predicted this collision and warned someone? Was it really an accident, or could it be the first stage of a Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario? Let’s take a stab at it: 1. Situation: UFOs keep entering our air space and we can’t stop them, because the public would see us launching missiles etc. If the public learns that UFOs are real, they will realize that we have been lying to them for years. They will further realize that the UFOs are the ones with Air Superiority, not the United States Air Force. Governments could lose control. 2. Problem: There’s so much stuff in orbit of us that it’s starting to damage our space station, and communications satellites! This stuff won’t go away! It’ll be around for thousands of years! 3. Reaction: Public says “We can’t have that! We need our cell phones!” 4. Solution: Government & NASA approve spending increase to build a network of stationary satellites in outside the earth’s orbit (this hasn’t happened, but will it?). They wouldn’t be visible from earth. They could contain various weapons we wouldn’t know about. They could form a line of defense against any threat, earthly or otherwise. They would give the government a higher vantage point for tracking any “inbound” traffic. And perhaps most importantly, they would allow NASA to say “What you saw in the sky today was a piece of the satellite collision of 2009, falling out of orbit. There are still 10,000 pieces up there. Expect to see them more frequently.”

Don’t believe any of this? That’s fine. Even Neo contemplated taking the blue pill, and staying in The Matrix.

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(gmanon)[] said: Great post! That exactly made this movie, my favorite one. It’s just a pity that you are not Christian. I agree with everything you said.

Our sense of reality is limited by knowledge. But when we wake up, we realize that there is a higher reality than what we can see or perceive by our senses. It’s that spiritual part, that we just did not know, but still we can’t deny. at 2009-12-11 00:04:10

(hugo diaz)[] said: Hi Derek, Would you help me setup Sphinx on MySQL? e are getting killed using REGEXP searches over short comments. We are not on the money yet, waiting for the VC to come thru but I can pitch in for your time.

Also I need memcache working. I am a lousy programmer but I love the art .. I know enough to appreciate it not enough to practice it, same with watercolor.

Hey, about ‘occult’ I was into it 40 years ago (65 now) I study it a lot but when my kids were born I had to come up with a new philosophy that I could use to bring up the little ones.. long story .. yuo seem to have a great appetite for knowledge, great going!

Hugo at 2009-10-04 12:10:30