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The Shadow Government

If ETs really wanted to harm us, they definitely could, so how are we to make sense of this? It makes perfect sense if their goal is not to harm us, but simply to instill a deep-seated fear in us… but to what end? Numerous abductees have reported realizing that some of the Greys’ heads actually appeared to be helmets or masks, and many have reported having seen black helicopters and/or military personnel either before, after, and during their abductions. How can this information be reconciled? The truth is: 1. Aliens from other planets do exist and are visiting earth on a regular basis 2. Aliens are friendly and non-confrontational. The only time their actions could even be interpreted as hostile is when they are trying to protect us from our own stupidity by deactivating our nuclear missiles, ICBMs & space-based weapons. 3. Aliens can teach us how to tap into our inner power, and they do want to teach us 4. The more mental/spiritual power we have, the less we need the Government to rule & protect us 5. Aliens can teach us how to tap into zero-point free energy, and they do want to teach us 6. If energy is free, we don’t need fossil fuels, and we can recycle everything (most of the cost of recycling lies in its energy requirements).

So, as with any “whodunit”, you have to follow the trail back to answering the two fundamental questions: 1. Who stands to gain the most by having full disclosure of the ET presence? 2. Who stands to lose the most by having full disclosure of the ET presence?

The answers are clearly “us”, and “the power elite” (government, military, & big business). Ultimately, Aliens helping The People is bad for business. The truth is that while many of the UFOs people see are genuine extra-terrestrial craft, there is a large percentage that are military. Furthermore, and most shockingly, 100% of unwilling abductions are not performed by genuine ETs. Aliens are not doing the abducting. It’s a rogue branch of the military/government known as the Shadow Government. No, this is not Sci-Fi. This is reality. The Shadow Government is funded through thousands of programs’ budgets, and investments. This “black budget” is completely off the books. Anyone involved in these “black operations” is completely unidentifiable. They will deny their participation at any cost. Yes, I know this is very convenient. I’m telling you they exist, and I can offer you no proof, but just because I can’t prove it, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. At least that’s what my catholic school said about God. To make matters worse, black project teams are disbanded after each project, and the team members are shuffled to other geographic locations. The same team will never exist twice, and each team only knows about its own project. The project members couldn’t tell you who the other teams were even if they wanted to. What’s more disturbing is that the President and Director of the CIA are not privy to anything about this Shadow Government. Bill Clinton tried to look into it and was denied access. As did CIA Director Woolsey. And Admiral Lord Hill Norton. And countless others. They are not denied its existence — they are denied access. President Dwight Eisenhower was also denied access. In his farewell address, he warned that: > “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.” — President Dwight Eisenhower (video of Eisenhower’s farewell address)

He doesn’t say it MIGHT exist. He says it exists. What is a military-industrial complex? It is what you get whenever militarism is good for business. Just before World War II, the US economy wasn’t doing too well. It had gone through the Great Depression, and things were still flagging. But when they entered the war, something miraculous happened — the economy started (baby) booming. It turned out that waging war required the manufacture of tanks and jets and guns and ammunition. That employed a lot of people. All those people and soldiers got paid, and all that pay got spent… pumped right into the economy. America became an intellectual & industrial super-power. Here’s a bit of speculation about what happened next… Somewhere along the line, a 5-star General got the feeling that when the war ended, he would become less useful. He would lose his power. He wouldn’t be The Man. And so he laid down a plan to keep the people afraid. Their fear would ensure the persistent need for a strong military. If this helped the economy, great… but it didn’t have to, so long as it kept the military powerful. Rule #1) Fear = Relevance; Rule #2) Fear = Income; Rule #3) You do not talk about fight club. In 1974, Wernher Von Braun said (paraphrasing): > “First, the Russians will be the enemy. Next, it will be terrorists. Then, it will be third world countries, or Nations of Concern. Fourth, the enemy will be asteroids, and we will build space-based weapons to defend against them. The final scare will be extra-terrestrials. The alien card is the last card. We are going to build space-based weapons to defend against aliens, and it’s all a lie.” — Wernher Von Braun, Father of Modern Rocketry

The lie isn’t that aliens are coming to earth — they are. The lie is that they are coming here with harmful intent. They most definitely are not. Building ultra-long-range weapons and putting them into orbit will cost an almost infinite amount of money. All that money will go into military coffers. It keeps the military-industrial complex moving right along. THAT is the agenda, BUT they can only justify this if WE believe there is a real threat in space, and WE approve of the government & military’s actions. The truth is that in order to prevent ETs & People from communing & collaborating, the shadow government & military are: a) funding disinformation projects designed to make people afraid of ETs b) funding major media designed to propagate the notion that ETs are to be feared c) funding genetic experiments which create “PLFs” (programmable life forms), aka “The Greys”. d) funding & enacting very realistic abductions with the help of the PLFs, drugs, and military in disguise, and technology recovered from saucer crashes between the 1950s and now. They have successfully reverse-engineered that technology and created “ARVs” (alien reproduction vehicles), which are used in abduction scenarios. Whenever a world leader or important figure threatens to disclose their UFO knowledge, they or their family undergo a traumatic abduction scenario, which involves a warning from the ETs, along the lines that they do not want their presence to be made known. This is actually the military, but it scares the person/people enough to keep their mouths zipped shut. All of this is designed to make us a) not believe in ETs; and b) believe that if they are real, they are to be feared. The truth is that they are real; they are easy to contact; and that they are friendly. The Shadow Government is the real enemy. I’ve been mixing terms here, though. Government, Military, & Shadow Government/Military. Which is which? The Government thinks it is the only Government. The Military thinks it is the only Military. The Shadow Government/Military KNOWS it is the only real Government+Military. Here’s how it works: 1. UFO crashes in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and the official Military picks it up 2. Someone in the Military classifies it as ultra-top-secret, and invents a new security classification called “cosmic clearance”. You need cosmic clearance to know the real story. Everyone else is told it was a weather balloon. 3. Everyone who had seen the UFO eventually stays on the project, in addition to their day jobs. Remember, only people with “cosmic clearance” even know about this project. In many cases, lower class officers would have clearance, while their superiors would not, because they did not have a “need to know”. 4. Soon enough, reverse engineer the craft, and make others like it. These new craft are called “alien reproduction vehicles”, or ARVs 5. The military has a don’t ask, don’t tell policy, and this is how much of their accounting works. They can’t specify what their expenses are, because the accountants simply don’t have the clearance required to read that line item. If someone says “Where did this $100 Million go?”, they just need to reply “A special project that’s above your pay grade”, and that’s the end of it. 6. The original team now has technology far surpassing anything that conventional militaries have access to, BUT they are still technically part of the military. The project team member with the highest rank is effectively the King. Whatever he says goes, and there is noone above him with the necessary clearance to question him. 7. That person uses his own personal army of ARVs to stage abductions of civilians, politicians, and anyone else he might want to strike fear into. It is a long term strategy for both a) military dominance; and b) military spending.

But, I’m rambling on…

Comments from my old blog:

(Derek)[] said: Everything & everyone is inter-dimensional. Humans just aren’t very good at accessing anything beyond the 3rd dimension, except when they’re dreaming, dying, or meditating. I do believe you can directly experience God, and that near-death experiences are real. I also believe that everything is energy, and energy is consciousness, and that the total number of consciousnesses in the universe is One. We share it with the plants, animals, and the ETs… but we have to be willing to accept that before we can experience it. You truly do create your own reality, and it is for this reason that many believers can create experiments that prove things, while skeptics are unable replicate those results. The experimentor’s belief system & expectations are the confound variable. The Heisenberg Principle (observing affects outcome) and The Secret (you get what you believe) are basically the same thing, and they are in full effect. at 2009-06-10 14:55:09

VK said: You are nuts. There are NO “aliens” and UFOs are all man-made.,0,706224.story at 2009-06-10 12:09:02

(Derek)[] said: I realize that what I have written might sound nuts, but there definitely are aliens. Area 51/Groom Lake isn’t the holy grail; it’s just one of a number of facilities that have been involved. Yes, 5 people testified in that article that there were no UFOs at Area 51, but those 5 people either a) didn’t have clearance to know about it; or b) were told that if they ever told anyone the truth, their families would be killed. That’s how it works. Yes, one of those guys was the base commander, but as i said above, if he didn’t have access to the project, he wouldn’t know what they were working on, even on his own base. Watch this youtube video if you want the real dirt:

It is 2 hours of testimony by a large number of high-ranking officals including air traffic controllers, secret op. officers, commercial pilots, numerous military defense specialists with top secret clearance, people who had access to very sensitive documents, lieutenants, commanders in the U.S. Air Force, astronauts, and more. All going before the national press club to discuss what their experiences have been regarding UFOs, and all are willing to go before congress to testify under oath. at 2009-06-10 12:38:55

VK said: ok Sir. there is “definitely” God as well. counts and counts of intellectuals, high-ranking officials and billions of people will testify that there is. I would rather take agnostic approach to the [non-]existence of aliens — can’t prove nor disprove.

not going to discuss this further ;) at 2009-06-10 13:04:20

uc said: Derek, I think you have hit the nail right on the head.Anyone who thinks we are not being manipulated one day is in for a big shock.We are all controlled even if we think we are not.It is a very oppressive world at present all engineered for other peoples benefit, whoever they are.You know I dont especially beleive in ETs and suspect there are many dimensions to this ole Planet Earth and that sometimes things collide but I have a very open mind. I just have a very strong feeling from my nocturnal wanderings. at 2009-06-10 14:13:43

Julian said: If the proof we need can’t be observed (universally by impartial parties), measured, or quantified today, then it can’t be proved today. You’re right to say that this doesn’t mean it can’t someday be proved, however this fact does nothing to lend any of the theories any credibility. Today it is false and there is nothing to indicate that that will ever change. It is simply useless to bring up the notion of evidence until that evidence actually exists. at 2009-06-17 16:36:51

uc said: thats for sure and absolutely near death experiences are very very real ,sometimes enlightening and sometimes scary but dont get any at all on a CPAP machine.Better alive than dead. at 2009-06-10 16:29:57

uc said: Its was exactly by dismissing intel (mostly personal stories and local intel) that led the world to dismiss the genocide of 6 million jews whilst it was actually happening as no one could beleive it without positive proof which usually is only available after an event.A lot of interviews I have listened to recently(not from axe grinders,cooks or for profit orgs) seem very convincing with regard to et existence.We know in particular how afraid the US seem to be concerning ufo secrets hence the stance re Gary MacKinnon.The strictly scientific approach is not always appropriate I feel. The probability of et existence seems to be the majority view and I am happy to go along with that now.You can believe on the basis of probability. The Hadron collider is testing probability to provide proof and expand scientific understanding of some things we have accepted for many years without absolute scientific proof. at 2009-06-18 19:04:39

Julian said: “The experimentor’s belief system & expectations are the confound variable.”

This statement is so riddled with fallacy, I don’t even know where to begin. For any experiment to be legitimized in any way the experimentor needs to remain impartial. 100’s of years of scientific progress should be tossed out the window if this isn’t to remain true. The only thing that changes when the experiment is carried out by a so called “believer” is the interpretation of the results. The credibility, such that it is in my estimation, of some of your ideas, took a plunge of leagues with that single sentence. I used to think some of your beliefs were “just a bit kooky” now I’m wondering when kooky becomes fanatical and benign becomes harmful. at 2009-06-17 14:55:42

(Derek)[] said: “For any experiment to be legitimized in any way the experimentor needs to remain impartial.”

I almost agree… except for the word “any”.

I’m not saying that all experimental results are untrustworthy. I’m saying there are certain types of experiments where they can’t be trusted (yet). Experimental results are currently trustworthy for anything that resides 100% in the physical world / 3rd dimension…

Unfortunately, there are real places, people, and things that are not physical / 3rd dimensional. Experimental observations cannot be trusted when observing non-physical / Nth dimensional effects.

By way of example, people have died on the operating table - complete flatline with no brain activity - and been revived 20 minutes later. They claim to have been hovering over their bodies watching the entire procedure, AND they are able to tell the Doctors who did what, and when, and where they were standing, despite the fact that their eyes were closed, and brains were dead. This has been documented by attending doctors, who were dumbfounded.

As another example, some autistic savants claim see numbers as physical things. We know their brains are wired differently, because they’re autistic savants, but we have no idea how or why they can somehow see another dimension to numbers. We can’t, but that doesn’t mean those qualities don’t exist.

To go back to my original point about impartiality and the observer having an effect on the observed… Beliefs & thoughts & ideas are definitely not “nothings”. We know they exist because we all have them… but we can’t measure them. They are all excellent examples of N-dimensional non-physical things, and those things have qualities: frightening, hopeful, funny, etc.

If you’ll agree that non-physical things have properties, then it’s possible that they might interact with other non-physical things. It is in this way that pre-conceptions could affect whether or not you see ghosts. As they say “If you are open to it, you will experience it”.

This doesn’t mean that verifying & measuring is impossible… it just means that there are other variables entering into the equation; ones we have not been accounting for.

The Problem With Science isn’t that it clings to physicality and measurability, but that it insists that if we can’t measure something today, it musn’t exist, and must be bogus. at 2009-06-17 16:23:00

VK said: 1. what was happening with the Jews, Romani, Slavic peoples was well known to the international community back then 2. “the probability of et existence seems to be the majority view and I am happy to go along with that now” << so is the view that God exists and so does Santa and Tooth Fairy (although some stop believing in both after a certain age). belief != truth at 2009-06-18 21:22:15

uc said: Well there was intelligence about the genocide but rather a lot of people at the time dismissed it as far fetched and unbelievable and they were somewhat preoccupied at the time. (thanks for remembering the other peoples who suffered).

Overwhelming probability = probable truth. Anyhow its an interesting debate.I must go now as I just found sixpence under my pillow from the Tooth Fairy and have to skip down to the shops for some sweeties. at 2009-06-19 05:09:21

VK said: I don’t like when the Jewish people are the only ones mentioned as those who suffered the most. Evil is evil, however 11.4 million Russian civilians died (26 million in total), 2.7 million Polish civilians (excluding Jews), 16.2 million Chinese civilians, etc.

Jewish loss is just a fraction of the the 42 million civilians who lost their lives during the WWII. Genocidal policies were carried out against the Romani people. Under the Generalplan Ost a large number of Slavic peoples were exterminated. The details of this were well known to those who could have taken action.

In 1994, 1.1 million Tutsis and Hutus were killed in Rwanda within just 100 days (that’s 10,000 murdered every day, 400 every hour, 7 every minute). Did the whole world know about that? Yes. Did anyone do anything? No. Sadly, but unless it happens to them or close to them, people generally do not care.


“Overwhelming probability”? How did you calculate that? :) We discuss the probability theory if you wish. at 2009-06-19 13:09:54

uc said: VK
I didnt say that and just in case u r curious im a Catholic brought up Brit with an open mind. endit at 2009-06-20 06:04:43

VK said: I know, UC. This was just a general comment. I keep always hearing about Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews. No one seems to talk about others. at 2009-06-21 01:07:52

uc said: OK VK understand, now has Derek been abducted??????? at 2009-06-21 06:37:05