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Car Team Bravo

CSETI Training Part 1

and much, much more. On the surface, these things don’t appear to be connected… but they must be, by virtue of the fact that people with an interest in one, also cultivate interests in the others. Aaaanyway, we talked until late, even though we had to get up early the next morning, for our car ride to Crestone. We all woke up on time, had breakfast, and headed to the airport to pick up our last “Car Team” member, CapeGuy, a South African (Capetown) PHP programmer with a degree in physics. His 30 hour flight arrived on time, and we were off. The 4.5 hour drive was gorgeous - mountains, valleys, rivers, plains. Pure awesome. Thanks to its thin trees, Colorado has avoided most clear cutting, leaving vast beautiful, pristine, dense forests. We stopped for a quick pee, and to take the photo accompanying this post :) By the time we arrived at our destination, we were almost late for the first session, so we quickly checked in at the White Eagle Village Hotel. We were greeted by a very happy & calm looking lady named Leila. She asked: “You’re with the CSETI group?”. We nodded, and she immediately said “I’ve been abducted by aliens a few times”. Our eyes opened wide. We’d been at our destination less than a minute, and already interesting people were coming out of the woodwork. Someone asked her what her experience was like, and she said she’d rather not think about it. Eeek. We checked in, hopped back in the car, and raced off to The Townhouse to meet the rest of the crew. Click here to read Part 2

Comments from my old blog:

(Derek)[] said: My own personal answers to Chuck’s questions…

  1. Where are humans going?

Wherever we take ourselves

  1. Do humans have souls? If so are they immortal?

I think we have energy that never dies, so in that sense we are immortal. I don’t know if we keep our sense of self from one stage to the next, but i do believe that in the afterlife and at other times, we have access to the collective consciousness, which does contain all the knowledge of our previous live… so although i might not be “just me” after this time, i can still have access to “the me that was”.

  1. Was there a group of evil ET’s banished to this earth?
  2. If evil ET’s exist here, when will they be destroyed?

As you’ll read in parts 2, 3, & 4 of my “CSETI Training” posts, I don’t think so. They are man-made and will be destroyed when people stop being apathetic, and stand up to their governments, and force them to account for all military spending in an open and honest fashion.

Questions & Comments concerning CSETI training 1. Why are the field exercises always held after dark?

It’s my understanding that because of the dangers inherent in full manifestation on our plane, the ETs tend to only partially manifest… not being fully material protects them from most military ops. Of course, it also makes them hard to see. It’s easier to see energy in the dark than in the light.

It also lets people who aren’t ready to believe write off what they saw as something else: “Oh, it was probably just a helicopter. Hard to tell. It was very dark.”

  1. A hand held radar gun can trigger radar detectors!

That’s true, but i think the “beam” they shoot is wide enough that it would trigger both detectors if they are only a couple of feet apart… Also, we all sat in a circle, so we always had someone 6 inches to our left and right, and many people directly across from us. Nobody ever appeared to be holding anything of the sort. You might think someone could have been hiding nearby, but the high desert of Colorado is very flat for miles & miles. Someone could have been spying, but they couldn’t have been very close. Yes, it was dark, but several people had night vision.

  1. Lights on distant objects can be illuminated by localized lasers!

Yes, but many people in the group had IR night vision and starlight night vision, and nobody saw lasers directed at the things we were observing (other than the lasers we ourselves were using). Starlight night vision works by “light amplification”, and since lasers are concentrated light, they would definitely show up.

  1. Group hypnosis, like group hysteria can be manufactured!
  2. David Copperfield does many illusions. Illusions can be manufactured!

very true… and probably easier when the group is a) tired and b) in an otherworldly setting, like the colorado high desert at 2am

  1. Have other trainees documented their experiences on the Internet?

CSETI makes everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement before the training, and i think that scared a lot of people from blogging about their experiences… a few of us have, but not many.

For what it’s worth, I asked CSETI if this series of blogs about its training were okay to publish, and they said that because I didn’t mention any names, yes it was totally okay. The non-disclosure agreements are more to protect people from public ridicule that they didn’t consent to. We all know this stuff is “out there”, and some people aren’t comfortable with their co-workers being able to Google them and discover that they’re “UFO nuts”.

I’m not saying that there aren’t non-paranormal, scientific explanations for the things I’ve experienced. What I’m saying is that regardless of their origin, the experiences were highly weird. If they were hypnosis, or military, or something else, I can’t help but wonder “why?” A skeptical friend suggested that it was so we’d believe the training was worth the money. My answer to that is that almost everyone was there because they had previously seen something they could not explain. There’s really no need to preach to the choir. This raises another interesting point — I had a close encounter or sorts at my parents house when I was a teenager. It was in the woods of Southwestern Ontario. If this was a military/hoax operation, then why me? Why at that time? Why bother? I have no idea. at 2010-02-14 18:40:51

ChuckSpirit said: Derek,

Let me stir the pot a little with these questions and comments.

Questions I would like to ask ET's directly
  1. Where did humans come from?
  2. Why do humans exist?
  3. Where are humans going?
  4. What is the ET relationship to the Bible?
  5. Are biblical Angels and Christ your ET Immortals?
  6. Do humans have souls? If so are they immortal?
  7. Was there a group of evil ET’s banished to this earth?
  8. If evil ET’s exist here, when will they be destroyed?

Questions & Comments concerning CSETI training

  1. Why are the field exercises always held after dark?
  2. A hand held radar gun can trigger radar detectors!
  3. Lights on distant objects can be illuminated by localized lasers!
  4. Group hypnosis, like group hysteria can be manufactured!
  5. David Copperfield does many illusions. Illusions can be manufactured!
  6. Have other trainees documented their experiences on the Internet? at 2010-02-14 17:37:26

Chuckspirit said: Derek,

I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions

Let me slightly expand on my first questions, i.e. the ones I would like to ask the ET’s.

Let me combine the first, third and sixth questions.

Where were we and where are we going and do humans have immortality? It would be nice if the ET’s could clear up the following:

My logical compass works like this: If I stand on the rim of the earth I can look forward into eternity. But this view must have a reciprocal. I place a mirror so one eye is looking backward into eternity and the other is looking forward into eternity. What do I take away from this: Either I have always existed and always will or I have not existed until this life and will not exist after this life. The logical compass will not accept the concept that we did not exist before this life but can go forward into eternity after this life.

Question two, why are we here seems to beg the answer that we are here to see how far we can evolve. This takes on the flavor that we are one grand experiment. Being observed and tended by the ET’s.

Questions Four and Five. ET’s relationship to the Bible and are they immortal. More correctly does the bible describe ET’s in their various forms? See:

Were Christ, Allah, Buda, Etc? Special ET’s sent here to give us council?

Question Seven and Eight, Were Evil ET’s banished here and will they be destroyed?

I personally know a group of over six million people who believe that there was a serious conflict in the council of the most high and that one third of the ET’s (Satan and his angles) were banished to earth and have become evil. That the other two thirds (Christ and his angles) will come to earth to destroy the evil ET’s. This would imply that the secret military you talk about is aligned on the wrong side!!

Chuckspirit at 2010-02-16 15:47:12

(Derek)[] said: I personally believe we have always existed, and will always exist. Not only that, but time does not exist. Everything is now. We live in a 4 dimensional plane: x+y+z+time. Time is just an artifact of perception. To us, it appears to exist. We perceive it to, so it must… but it might look very different to someone/something on a 9 dimensional plane. What I am getting at is that the future is happening now, but so is the past. This is a simple way to account for phenomena such as deja-vu and pre-cognition.

As for us being a grand experiment… I don’t know. I think everything’s purpose is to evolve. Water into vapour. Coal into diamonds. etc.

While I think it’s possible that the prophets of our past were ETs, I don’t think it’s necessary that they were. Buddha never claimed to be special. He was just a guy who had a realization. People don’t worship the Buddha — they revere his insight. We’ve all heard the 1970s quote that humans only use about 10% of their brains. I think The Prophets used significantly more. They weren’t supernatural — they were just 100% natural. It might be more correct to think of the rest of us as sub-natural.

Now, getting into the whole ETs/Angels/Christ/Satan aspect… Yes, I would say the secret military is misaligned. The secret military wants power, and is willing to oppress free people to get it. Does that sound more like Darkness or Light?

Evolution is about enlightenment. It is about learning and regaining spirituality. It is about turning out base selves into our best selves. To me, this is the process of moving from hell to heaven.

For a very enlightening talk on the subject, I recommend listening to this episode of the radio show “This American Life”, where they interview Reverend Carlton Pearson. It’s free to listen: at 2010-02-16 16:15:31

(CSETI Training Part 2 «[] said: […] please click here to read Part 1 of this […] at 2009-07-21 21:40:29

james randy mahon said: my name is james mahon. finding the right words is not easy. Everything I am tells me that Im suppose to be part of this disclosure that is on our horizon. call it an awakening or what you may. most of my days my mind and soul and heart are filled with thoughts about this its overwhelling sometimes. As a person who has many ufo sightings and have lost time I wonder why me why me. So my dellima is that I want to be apart of cseti but Im a poor person. My wish is to dedicate my life to this cause. If ever I could be a help in any way I would gladly do so. at 2010-08-02 16:45:36

VK said: hahahaha! this is some of the most hilarious stuff I’ve recently read on the Internet. dude, you are an uber geek and, uhm, simply crazy :)

during your first encounter with aliens, I hope there is no anal probing! good luck at the retreat and keep posting. at 2009-07-11 17:21:20

(Richard Lalancette)[] said: I am so glad I found your story. Thank you very much for sharing all this. I have been in somewhat the same boat as you also. I was at the Shasta 2006 training and had a blast. Best time ever.

I am not done reading it all, but will leave comment later when I am done.

Richard. at 2009-11-03 14:46:31

(Andy)[] said: Nice to meet you Derek - My partner and I have witnessed 3 ufos since 1998 - The first easily One Mile wide and the second a close encounter! Search Andy Bell Ashburton to view my journals - There is a lot of information within them. Regards Andy at 2010-02-02 16:57:04

(James Pearson)[http://none] said: Derek Thank you for all your input. I am just now leaving for the same training that you undertook. I am looking forward to meeting people with the same interests. What I cannot understand about people who say that those of us “do we really believe in all that stuff” is with all the information that is available how can any reasonable person come to any other conclusion. I do understand the criticizm though. My freind next door was the same way until I bluntly told him that anyone that has seen the evidence would be absolutly ignorant not to KNOW that it is a reality. Only people that accept the staus quo are the ones that refuse to see. That by the way is our mission, to help mankind into the next growth period. Even if it takes a hundred years. The difference between a Lie and the Truth is one of them requires you to Believe and the other will be the same no matter how many people believe. You choose. at 2010-09-03 04:30:28

samuel shin said: well i also had a ufo experience… i got unconscious by the magnetic fields of the space craft. on how i got unconscious was by exerting my energy out of my body by holding my breath and pushing it out. then i realized i felt this strong magnetic field. right then i knew that it was a UFO and the ET’s were communicating with me. i want to go to one of these trainings but its so damn expensive. sigh….. well i will eventually at 2011-04-11 07:35:38

pete said: it’s 2012 now and i’m sure there are new ambassadors out there that are forming groups to communicate to ETs on a schedule bases; are there any groups in the San Diego area where i can get some training and help with the expansion of the new conscious minds into the ET realm; i’ve heard and followed all of Dr. Greer’s meditations presented on the internet and attend Sri Chinmoy meditation classes to further my meditation skills. at 2012-03-20 13:59:12

CSETI Field Work

CSETI Training Part 2

Just found your blog on Technorati & Digg upcomming news feeds and read a few of your other posts. ISeems good contents,Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Thanks, Michael at 2009-08-11 11:36:19

Jeff said: True… Police radar IS directional, they aim it at your car, but only up close because it scatters. If radar dectors only went off only when a cop was reading your speed it would be too late. They detect radar way before you get close to the cop. So if your away from the road radar is goint to set off all dectors.

Besides, even if radar was that directional… a hidden cop reading the speed of a stationary radar detector set up in a feild is stranger then UFOs. at 2009-10-16 03:12:22

VK said: Mr. Derek, got Google Voice invites? :) at 2009-07-28 13:25:20

lo0 said: what are the protocalls? at 2009-07-28 20:29:31

Sandra said: Pretty interesting account of the event…I like your openness, it sounds crazy, but closing out crazy in order to convince yourself that you are grounded in reality, so you just don’t touch strange is very unrealistic….You know what I mean???? I would love to go to one of these events just for the experience, to explore other realities…Life is as interesting, as you make it….I have no patent on reality, I know or think I know that 100 years ago if people saw the technology we have today they would call it bogus, voodoo, the devil, or works of con artists, crazy opportunists, etc…If man could fly god would have given him wings…right??? And as far as historical oral and written time lines, we have made a huge gigantic jump in technology, bigger, faster better more outrageous than any advances in our recorded time lines…The only people who do not see how huge the current shift in human reality and consciousness are the ones who are holding on to their programmed reality for dear life, creating almost insane radicalism in political, science and religious beliefs…I have witnessed objects in the sky, that could not be explained, with others, (helps a lot to have a shared experience with people you trust,) who saw what I saw and were (sober, not on drugs legal or illegal, don’t see things aliens, UFO’s as a rule etc…) just as baffled and perplexed as I was…Nothing too dramatic, just things moving all around, then staying stationary, disappearing, doing things that no plane, balloon or helicopter could do in the sky at night, miles away and up…A few other odd unexplained things filed under unexplained…Zero Point energy, Tesla, and all of the stories I have heard and read about, I don’t know, it could be very very possible, real viable, reality ain’t what it use to be…I have listened to Steve Greer on the net, he seems to be very sincere, and rational..He doesn’t seem like a new age cult guru, making a good living off of the borderline fringe…I have known people who are very intelligent, pHD’s in science, medicine, physics and all who for reasons beyond me follow..The home grown local guru, Ramtha in Yelm WA is really only JZ Night, local insiders know she is a conn and a shiester, she has been around too long, has kids, family and friends who have let the cat out of the bag on too many occasions….When you get caught rehearsing your million year old entity, Ramtha, it is just a dirty little secret, but hey it pays the bills, keeps her living in her nice mansion type home compound, and horse stable with her adoring followers…I have never been a follower type, and it’s totally beyond me why anyone would follow this local yocal guru, even if she actually were channeling Ramtha, soooooooo what, his act has already been given, his/her philosophy, mystical teaching are from various eastern teachings, honestly how can well educated, intelligent people miss this fact?…Greer seems to be living a normal life, not trying to be a guru, god, with cult followers, he seems to believe in what he is saying…I have not really studied him, who he is, what he is selling, the orgs he is behind, but from what little I know they seem very benign.. I just would love to see some of this, any of this (zero point energy, UFO’s landing, whatever)manifest into a positive reality before I die, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one…Or maybe I should…??? There must be more in this diary, by now, looking forward to reading it…Thanks at 2009-10-27 09:52:26

sam said: very interesting….but this is wrong, “Police radar is NOT very directional”. If police radar were not very directional then it would be a terrible choice of equipment to use in speed traps…. do a search for police radar and you’ll see that they are in fact very directional. at 2009-08-31 18:42:47

napalm said: Dude, you kind of sound like a crazy person. at 2009-07-19 12:13:43

(Chris Hartjes)[] said: After reading these two posts, I realize you are just like Buster Baxter from the kid’s cartoon series “Arthur”. Like you, he’s convinced that aliens are the cause (and solution) to all the world’s problems.

Signing an NDA? That’s the surest sign that you’re being scammed. I’m sure these guys appear very sincere and are probably charismatic. They have to be in order to pull scams like this off.

I guess it’s better you throw away your money on something like this rather than on drugs or alcohol, although I think you’d get the same experience from getting drunk or high. at 2009-08-19 13:22:43

(Derek)[] said: Oh, come on now. You can’t possibly argue that this wasn’t a….. “unique”…. experience. I paid CSETI, and the bulk of the money is being put toward funding The Orion Project (a search for zero-point energy / energy from the vacuum). at 2009-07-20 21:28:50

uc said: time for part 3 at 2009-08-05 18:06:59

(CSETI Training Part 1 «[] said: […] Read Part 2 Tagged as: CSETI, training, ufo 1 Comment Comments (1) Trackbacks (0) ( subscribe to comments on this post ) […] at 2009-07-21 21:38:56

(Richard Lalancette)[] said: Great time again! I wish I would have time to go for a 4th training. Hopefully in the incoming years. Thanks again for sharing. Onto part 3 now :) at 2009-11-03 14:57:43

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