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Amazon Kindle vs Apple Tablet

Personally, I can’t picture myself w/o an iPhone and will gladly get the “tablet” to replace my laptop (more like a desktop) when I’m on the go, depending on its technical specs. at 2009-12-30 15:44:12

u.c. said: Hi VK, my Mate is no fool he just knows me so well .Im dithering you see, well thats what happens when you get older:) I dont do on the move Music,hardly play any in the Car and my mobile (brick) lives in the Car in case I breakdown and need to call someone. I was looking for a small device to use the Web when away from home on holidays etc and first looked at a MacBook Air, very light and then got to thinking of the fab iPhone and ordered one only a few days ago using my Mates 20% discount. Now having heard of the Tablet I have put matters on hold as if this is lightweight, cheaper than the Air ,it could well suit my needs and the bonus is my better half can use it to surf the web at home rather than using my iMac 24 when I want it.I have 100mb internet speed so sharing some of that wont slow me down much. At my age we make arrangements to see people on a Monday and turn up exactly on time the following Friday.We have a landline with an ansaphone which is really all we need. You younger folks are a lot busier than us.Me and the long suffering wife are enjoying our retirement but make use of tech to make our life easier not harder.My first computer was an IBM in about 1975 good only for a Lotus spreadsheet. HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance:) at 2009-12-30 16:44:16

(Derek)[] said: Translation: “ansaphone” = “answering machine” = “voice mail” = “call answer” at 2009-12-30 16:58:32

Richard said: Makes sense. Apple is about making money on the device and Amazon is about selling content. Would you buy a Apple tablet? Right now I don’t see the need for me to have one. at 2009-12-29 14:45:25

(Derek)[] said: I’d get one in a second. Would be nice for web browsing from the couch, or watching videos in bed. Also, handy for Ula to surf from the living room while I’m working. You see, she has many week days off and works many weekends, so there are LOTS of times when I’m trying to work, and she has the day off, so she’s on her computer watching Big Brother or Survivor or something. Can be pretty distracting, depending on how treacherous the episode is ;) at 2009-12-29 17:05:30

u.c. said: Wow, how did I miss that info on Apple Tablet.Could suit my needs more than an iPhone as I dont make many mobile phone calls anyhow.Much bigger screen and looks very light. Have put iPhone on hold (they will hang onto my money but thats OK for now) and wait to see whats cooking with this Tablet as even my mate at the Apple Store is very short of info but agrees I would be a fool not to wait. I dont want an iMac, an iPhone and a Tablet. Noone seems very sure about surfing capabilities yet. at 2009-12-30 07:17:23

u.c. said: Ansaphone=====goes back a long long way. When they first became available in the UK it was a reel to reel tape machine manufactured by a USA company ANSAPHONE. The name stuck with this type of product. Actually Old Boy I cant imagine a Brit saying it either.Got to toodle along its time for High Tea dont you know and the Memsahib gets a tad frosty if Im late for it at the Club.

Ho Ho and HNY at 2009-12-31 17:15:52

VK said: fair enough. even with an iPhone I would wait since most likely a new gen. will be annouched in June. don’t wait too long though, there’s always something better on the horizon when it comes to technology :)


p.s. although I never heard the word “ansaphone”, I understood it right way. sounds simple, cool and funny at the same time. something I would expect to hear from Bronx resident: “yo, let da ansaphone answer dat, bitch!”. can’t picture a Brit saying it. at 2009-12-31 13:56:35