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My Apple Tablet Predictions

Just my 2 cents:

It will a strong Media computer. Basic an iPod Touch PLUS. A plus because of the bigger screen but I also believe it will serve as an eReader for not only books but also magazines which can be bought through iTunes.

It will be able run iPod Touch apps. Question will be if it will be able to run Mac apps.

Interface will be very interesting. Have a hard time believe there will be stylus. It just doesn’t seem something that Apple would do. But the interface will be interesting. All I hope that it is not going to be a huge iPhone.

Obviously Wifi but I am not convinced that 3G is also a part. The question is how a consumer is going to pay for that. Maybe tethering through the iPhone will be possible.

All in all I am very curious about the device but I can’t imagine buying it. at 2010-01-14 01:16:14

(Derek)[] said: I should have specified that IF it has a stylus, I think it will be 100% optional. It could be used to annotate books, documents, and do art… but if you don’t want to do those things, you don’t need the stylus. Fingers will do fine. You could even annotate using the virtual keyboard / finger painting if you wanted. at 2010-01-14 02:11:50

Ian said: Definitely some of those I haven’t heard before.. Here are my thoughts:

-name Macbook -> Very unlikely. Macs are for mouse and keyboard. The name will die with that. iPod’s and iPhones are a far bigger deal than mac’s. Mac’s are last century. The iPhone was a total rethink of the experience, abstracting away most of a regular computer. The tablet will continue with that with a new name.

-coverflow. It works well for some stuff. I’m guessing it’ll be there.

-display - I think the battery life won’t be that high at all. They will be satisfied with charging once a day, with a 7-9 hour battery life, and no e-ink. Maybe if the engineering is there for e-ink, but I haven’t heard anything that allows a computer to be a computer and even partially use e-ink. The touchscreen on that Plastic Logic device is completely unusable for anything. And there is no way they’ll use two displays. Too costly to make and complex to use.

DPI - at least 720p, not sure how much more. Definitely higher than a laptop. I’ll go with at least as high as the dpi as the iPhone. Not sure how many pixels that’ll be. A lot more.

camera - I’ll go with a yes. It could be in the higher end model?

iTunes for books - Hope so. Sounds good. I think it would help.

2 models, definitely agreed. And most people will want the more expensive one as is always the case:)

wifi and 3G - probably

stylus - The input mechanism is the giant unknown right now. I won’t make predictions on this one:)

docking station - I’d be very surprised. It should be truly portable.

annotating ebooks - this is killer functionality. I’d love it.

ability to control mac apps. My first instinct was “no way”, and that it is too complicated because the mac has too much baggage. But now that I think about the remote app on the iPhone, that’s pretty much how it works. I sure hope that you won’t have to sync with a cord to a computer to listen to music. This device should be stand-alone. No PC necessary. I hope.

custom OS - definitely faster CPU - for sure. graphics chip - sounds good RAM - yes.

I like these predictions altogether. at 2010-01-13 19:26:06

(Derek)[] said: Forgot to mention, because I think the Tablet will be shared by members of the family (unlike the iPhone/iTouch), the Tablet will support multiple user accounts, like OSX (unlike iPhone OS). at 2010-01-15 17:35:46

u.c. said: I hope your predictions are right Madam Zara.Cant wait for 26th. at 2010-01-13 18:50:58

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