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Bungee Jump at Whistler

Even better, if you look closely at the photo above, you’ll notice that I have a camera in my hand. Yes, I have some first-person video for you. I took this video *while* I was jumping, using my Canon Elph point-and-shoot camera. They taped it to my hand, because they said loose cameras are the cause of many broken teeth and black eyes. Ouch!

Ula and I both jumped. Even though this was my second-ever bungee and her first, she was braver than I was! It’s 160 feet from the bridge to the rapids below. The first step is a doozie, but then it’s all fun & games :)

If you want to go, it was at Whistler Bungee. If you’re in Ontario and want to bungee, try Wilderness Tours’ Bungee in Ottawa. That’s where I did my first bungee jump. It’s 150 feet, and every bit as frightening thanks to the 150 foot high ladder you have to climb (no joke).

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u.c. said: looks absolutely terrifying but a great buzz. at 2010-07-30 06:56:52