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Apple Predictions for 2010-2014

Connectivity: Wouldn’t it be great if…

Standardization: Pretty cool, huh?

FaceTime: Just hangin’ out

Depth & Speed: Next-Gen computing for mere mortals

Sync: It’s like magic

iLife & iTunes: Boom!- iTunes goes back to being all about audio. - iVideos is the new home of all your videos (iLife now consists of: iTunes, iVideos, iBooks) - iLife apps are about consumption, not production. For this reason iMovie will be merged into Final Cut, which will have 2 operating modes: beginner & pro. Alternately, Apple could bundle iMovie as part of iWork, which is also about creating things. This would have the additional benefit of bringing more users to the iWork suite.

One More Thing…

If you have any more predictions, I’d love to hear them. Please post’em in the comments.

Comments from my old blog:

Ian said: Nice predictions. I think I agree with most of it. I won’t make any revolutionary predictions.. But it’s fun to think about it. The problem with revolutionary things is there are too many potential problems that can get in the way of having something new come to market. Engineering things. So, I’ll stick to thinking about things that are certainly possible. I think MobileMe will become largely free and it will include some easy things like contacts and calendar sync for free. They will have some variant of iDisk that will be much easier to sync data from idevices. I say “some variant” because I think they will still hide any type of file system. It will only be used for apps that need to sync data, but it will be easy for third party apps to take advantage of this storage since everyone will have it. It will be “type” dependent, much as it is now. Just like there is currently, a music database, a movie database, etc that the idevices can access, manipulate, this will just get extended to other database types, and those types are what can be transparently synced to the cloud and other devices. What will be especially interesting to me is exactly how the ipad line will change. There is a strange difference between small devices (ios devices) and large screen devices (macs) in their product line. Different in terms of form factor, input methods, and os. Macs have very low marketshare, and I suspect that will always be the case. They have never really gained much traction outside of north America. To me, it even seems possible that the Mac won’t exist in 10 years (the name anyway). So, I think that there will be large screen idevices that will be more “console-like” than a pc. And they will all have the app store. at 2010-08-12 02:42:06

(Zye)[] said: Damn those some gooood predictions! at 2010-08-19 14:06:49