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Dave W(h)iner on Blogs

Dave needs to remember that conversations are messy, and that, online or off-line, you can’t control what people say. You can only control if you want to listen or not. It’s the culture of not listening that is the problem, not the ability to comment on blogs. If more people really listened to the message then they would not be going off topic or engaging in flame wars.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to leave a comment on your BLOG! at 2010-08-23 16:14:04

(Jenna Langer)[] said: I like that you’re saying his blog is basically print media. That sure is how he is handling his comments. It’s like letters to the editor… no one sees them until they are published and there is time to make edits. Let’s go back to many-to-one communication, shall we? No thanks. I like my real-time collaboration :) at 2010-08-23 18:42:15