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Apple Predictions for Oct 20

  1. There will be a new 11” MacBook Air, which runs iOS (aka MacPad), and has a capacitive+resistive combo touchscreen (they exist here and here). You can use your fingers or a stylus. It is an iPad for productivity. The iPad’s keyboard dock always seemed like a hack to me. I think it only existed to see if there would be demand for an iOS device with a keyboard. They must have sold a lot, and decided to basically make an iPad with integrated keyboard & trackpad — aka this MacPad. IMHO, all Apple displays will eventually be capacitive+resistive retina displays.
  2. There will be a new 13.3” MacBook Air, which will be renamed “MacBook”. The existing MacBook line will be discontinued due to lack of performance, and because their plastic housing sticks out like a sore thumb compared to all other Apple devices. This would also bolster MacBook Pro sales, by creating a slightly larger divide between the power of a Pro laptop versus a non-pro laptop. At the same time, it makes the non-pro laptop very sexy & sleek. So you’ll have a choice: super-sexy & light but less powerful, or somewhat bulkier but also very powerful.

Apple’s new portable line-up will be:

OSX 10.7 “Lion”

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U.C. said: super,sexy and sleek sounds good to me. at 2010-10-19 10:26:27