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Future of Kinect & Move

Granted, I haven’t actually tried either one, but I have read a lot about them, and watched a lot of videos of them.

I wish the future was here not, but it’s not. That’s what makes it the future.

We need the precision & low-latency of the Move, combined with the posture & location sensing of the Kinect.

The Kinect should have near-zero latency, and should be able to track your eyes with precision.

Combined, it would be killer.

Picture this:

You glance to the right, and so does your character.

You lean left, your character leans left.

You lay flat on the ground, and so does your character.

You wave your controller around like a flashlight, and so does your character.

This gets old

We have all, by now, tried gaming with our bodies (no pun intended). We’ve done the bowling & baseball. It’s great, but the novelty has worn off. What we need is some awesome (subtle) incorporation of body/motion sensing into otherwise standard games.

Kinect’s strength is not (primarily) its interaction model; it’s that it is the first simple & accurate way to get a realistic real-time representation of you inside the console.

Microsoft is in a far better position here than Sony. The Move would be easy to copy. The Kinect? Not so much.

I really do think Microsoft dropped the ball by not including Move-like controllers in the Kinect package. That would have made all the difference.

What do you think?

Comments from my old blog:

Athionus said: I think it’s amazing just how far games have come, but as my wife points out, at what point does it become so much like the real thing that you should… just do the real thing? Granted, that’s more applicable to her style of gaming - Wii Sports-esque - and wouldn’t be recommended for Resident Evil. Or GTA. at 2010-11-16 19:39:18

Ian said: We tried the Move last night at a friends house. It was really very cool. It was impressive what it could pull off by only sensing the Move controllers. For many games, it is great because knowing the precise position and angle of your hands allows them to infer some information about your body. It really felt impressive and realistic.

It left me wanting one. For me, I’m not invested at all in either platform, so I could make a clean start. From knowing what you know about The PS3 and XBox, which would you take up at this point in time? at 2010-11-13 15:49:52

u.c. said: As someone whos last experience of a computer game was paddle tennis this kind of real interaction makes the whole thing more attractive.Alternatively I could do the real thing.Going shooting tomorrow:) at 2010-11-13 15:23:32