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What Mountain Lion Means to Me

Complaints- I can’t help but think that Messages & FaceTime toggles should be in the same place as the Notification Center toggle. - I find it odd that only AppleTVs show up in the new system-wide AirPlay menu icon in the top right corner. It took me a while to figure out that in order to AirPlay audio to my AirPort express, I needed to option-click the Volume icon. All AirPlay destinations should appear in the AirPlay menu, and Audio+Video destinations should have mirroring on/off toggles beside them. - Tweet sheets don’t auto-shorten links, so they take up much more of the 140 characters than they would through other clients - Dashboard doesn’t have a linen background to match iOS & Notification Center. - Mountain Lion silently removed Subversion and Java. Things that had been working fine started crashing without notifying me as to the reason. Figuring out why and how to fix it was not fun. - Safari6 keeps giving me “this video is not available” messages on Youtube. I have a feeling this has more to do with Youtube/Google not encoding stuff in alternatives to Flash-format, but it’s still annoying. - I would love it if Apple stored all my iCloud logins/passwords as a preference. That is, it should know that my main iCloud account uses account X for FaceTime, and account Y for my App Store purchases. I shouldn’t have to set that up repeatedly, on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. - There are issues with multiple monitors. It’s complicated, so I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say that before Lion introduced full-screen mode, multiple-monitors worked fine. A solution might be for Apple to treat each monitor as a distinct machine with its own set of spaces, while at the same time maintaining a unified list of running apps you can cmd-tab through. - Messages is horrible. You don’t know what device the other person is on. You expect that if you IM their phone, it won’t show up on the iPad their wife or children are currently using. It’s a confusing mess. - After they fix it, Messages should run 24/7 in the background, just like FaceTime.

Comments from my old blog:

r/d said: Yes please update SoundSource for Mountain Lion. We need it!! at 2012-08-14 19:54:18

Ian said: I agree about the audio airplay. It’s not obvious how to do it. And option-clicking has flaws too.. it only shows 3 output speakers in the menubar. I have 4 speakers listed, so it just arbitrarily chops one off.. and guess which one is chopped off for me? The Airport Express! I need to open System Prefs, then select it from there. Hopefully SoundSource will be updated. at 2012-07-30 22:58:57