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Catered Lunches at Work

TUESDAY: (everyone)

Soup & Sandwich: Creamy roasted cauliflower with Locally made hot dog on fresh baked bun topped with spicy chilli OR Chicken pad thai with gluten free sweet potato noodles

WEDNESDAY: (frontend working group)

Sandwich — ScRaMbLeD EGGS SUPER. Double smoked sausage, scallion, sweet bells and two farmland Ontario eggs on toasted rye with spicy ketchup. OR Market greens with oven roasted tomatoes, bocconcini, julienned honey ham and basil infused walnut oil and sherry vinaigrette

THURSDAY: (leadership team)

Soup & Sandwich — artisan baguette with prosciutto, brie cheese, fresh basil and tomato drizzled with Mediterranean olive oil. OR Texas fried steak and yukon champ potatoes. Hammered angus beef steak with light crispy crust topped with creamy pan gravy.

FRIDAY: (everyone)

Soup & Sandwich — charbroiled Ontario lamb patties topped with balsamic roasted cipollini onions, tomato and spicy mayo OR Super mac. creamy house made béchamel, parmesan cheese and provolone with penne noodles and crispy panko crust.

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